Dice’s “battlefield” series has been dormant for more than two years (battlefield 5 goes on sale on November 20, 2018), but EA will return with its latest series in the Christmas holiday of 2021. For battlefield 6, EA and dice have little official information. A new rumor recently revealed the game’s settings. If the rumor is true, battlefield 6 will be set during the Third World War. < / P > < p > the message comes from reddit user William_ Fichtner, who said battlefield 6 will have a fictional world War III, which will be a military conflict between NATO and Russia. < / P > < p > the player did not provide any evidence, but the content of the post is very long and there are many details, so if you are a fan of the series, you can take a look first, although the content is not necessarily 100% true. < / P > < p > “battlefield 1” and “battlefield 5” use the narrative style of single battle “war story” will return to “battlefield 6”, will play soldiers from different countries, experience the spread of war in all corners of the world < / P > < p > one chapter describes a U.S. military team in the suburbs of the United States to resist the attack of Russia, the other chapter describes a MI6 The story of the secret service agent sneaking into a rebel organization in Eastern Europe, the goal is to prevent Russia from entering NATO territory < / P > < p > the big action mode is updated from the “battlefield 5” version, the time is five days, every day’s fighting will bring advantage to the next day’s fighting, and the more winning days, the greater the advantage. But the party that won the fifth day won the fight. Lose 4 days in a row, but there is still a chance to win the fifth day, which also gives players the reason to continue playing after losing in the early stage. Every day is a different map. Global Tech