Two weeks ago, CDP renewed the launch of cyberpunk 2077 from November to December 10. Recently, there are rumors that cyberpunk 2077 may continue to skip tickets and may be on sale in 2021. However, cdpr responded by telling ign that cyberpunk 2077 is still available on December 10. < / P > < p > a cdpr representative told ign: “as a rule, we will not respond to rumors or speculation. But I will confirm that we are just taking the time to update all our assets to reflect the new launch date: December 10. ” < / P > < p > the unusual response of cdpr is due to a recent tweet by Tiffany treamore Inc., which is suspected to imply that 2077 may continue to skip votes. < / P > < p > “so if cyberpunk 2077 jumps again, if it doesn’t go on sale this year, for example, until 2021? Just ask…” < / P > < p > the account of Tiffany treamore Inc came into people’s view mainly because he accurately predicted the cancellation of E3 this year a week in advance. In addition, it is believed that “cyberpunk 2077” will skip tickets, partly because of cdpr itself. Before the recent ticket skipping, cdpr has repeatedly stated categorically that “there will be no more ticket skipping”, but the result is understood by all. < / P > < p > Tiffany treamore Inc. later tweeted: “after the rumors we heard were exposed by several websites, I guess cdpr updated their twitter profile yesterday, reiterating its December 10 launch. Still not convincing enough. I’ve heard that there’s something bad going on inside that might cause the game to jump again, and it won’t be available until January 2021. ” Global Tech