Foreign netizen practical brush 12 revealed new details of Diablo 2: resurrection on reddit. It seems that fans of the original will not be disappointed. Practical brush 12 has previously accurately revealed the rise of monster hunter and the recent Nintendo face-to-face meeting. He revealed on reddit that “Diablo 2: Resurrection” will have both classic and reprint images, and there will be no major play change. Players can switch between these two styles.


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Among the many new functions, one of them will be the support handle, which can be turned on / off to automatically pick up gold coins, share collections and so on. The player also said that Diablo 2: resurrection will land on all major mainframe platforms, including Nintendo switch, and support archive inheritance.

“It’s a remake, and the original game runs on the new 3D 60fps graphics engine, so it means the play is the same. You can even switch the screen style during the game. There’s audio and cut scenes, and shared storage is coming. There is also a more advanced attribute summary, so you no longer need to calculate by yourself. It can automatically pick up gold coins and support handle (because it will log in to all main hosts, including switch). Hold down the shift key to compare. There’s dynamic light, but it’s still as black as the original. Archive inheritance is supported. You won’t be forced to play online, just once. There will be an alpha technology test that you can apply for and should be on sale this year. “

In addition to Diablo 2: Resurrection, he also said that Blizzard will announce the new class of Diablo 4: Rogue at tomorrow’s Blizzard carnival.

“Diablo 4’s new class: thieves. Use bow and arrow, crossbow, sword, dagger, very mobile. More character customization: skin, tattoo, makeup, hair color. Professional expertise is tied to the faction you will support. The falling objects have different appearances according to different positions (swords are machetes in the desert, but machetes in the North). You can customize your horse. You can conquer monster camps for people. Special PVP currency of specific area. You can collect unpurified PVP currency by killing monsters, which can be used to buy skin. But when you purify, anyone can attack you, kill you and steal the debris. “