With the advent of the express industry peak season, J & t express has ushered in an eventful autumn. Interface news received a source said that Shentong express headquarters issued an internal notice on September 25, requiring the whole network to prohibit the agency of polar rabbit express. According to the requirements of the notice, each franchise company (including the contracted area) shall not join in the network and contracted area of geera for any reason and in any form; both sides of the franchisee shall not act as agent for the business of geera for any reason or in any form. < / P > < p > the specific control measures include: for the polar rabbit express which has entered the transfer link, the transfer center shall strictly check, collect evidence and report it, handle it as the problem piece and return it as the original order; for the extremely rabbit express that has entered the terminal network, the terminal branch company shall collect evidence and report it, handle it as the problem piece, and inform the sending branch to inform the recipient to take it by himself. < / P > < p > the notice also said that the exclusive operation for the polar rabbit express was strictly implemented. If the network company (contracted area) had joined in or acted as the agent of the extreme rabbit network, once verified, a fine ranging from 5000 to 20000 yuan would be imposed, and rectification within a time limit would be required, and if the situation was serious, it would be refunded; if the package contained the extremely rabbit express, it would be treated as the agent of the extremely rabbit business, and any application would not be accepted For the act of acting as an agent for the express delivery service of polar rabbit, once verified, it will be punished with 1000 yuan / ticket. < / P > < p > this is not the first peer “ban” that polar rabbit has received this year. In July this year, the headquarters of Yuantong Express also issued a similar notice requiring the whole network to prohibit the agency of polar rabbit business, requiring its outlets and mother’s post station to refuse to accept and send the package of Jitu. < / P > < p > clearly, they are independent express brands. Why did Yuantong, Shentong and other express companies successively issue such “bans” on their franchisees? According to the news reporters on the interface, express companies, including Yuantong and Shentong, adopt the mode of “direct sales of transfer center + franchise of outlets”. The outlets distributed throughout the country are handed over to the express franchisees to operate as separate legal persons. They undertake the “first / last kilometer” link of package collection and delivery. < / P > < p > in the express industry, although many express companies prohibit their outlets from acting for multiple brands at the same time, there are also many franchisees acting for multiple express and express logistics brands at the same time. Those experienced and loyal high-quality express franchisees are not only one of the core resources of the express company network, but also one of the factors to measure the core competitiveness of the franchise express company. < / P > < p > this year, rabbit express, which has just entered the domestic market from Southeast Asia, adopts a similar model. As the founder and background of the “pinduoduo express” speculation, it has been widely concerned by express franchisees at the start-up stage. At that time, many franchisees who originally operated Tongda Express Express expressed their interest in joining in the operation of Jitu express. However, due to the working background of polar rabbit express, Li Jie, the founder of polar rabbit express, did not invite foreign investment in a large scale in the early stage of establishing the National Express network. Instead, the operation right of outlets in the core cities was handed over to the original mobile phone dealers of oppo brand, and the operation rights of the remaining secondary agents or contracted areas in the city were opened to join in, or they were only opened in some remote areas and towns Let the outside join in. At the same time, at the end of May this year, a nationwide service network has been initially established by the end of May this year, with the coverage rate of provinces and cities reaching 100%, the coverage rate of districts and counties reaching 98%, and the coverage rate of towns and townships reaching 90%. Like “Tongda system”, Jitu express mainly focuses on e-commerce express delivery business. In April, it has access to 11 mainstream platforms other than Alibaba and Jingdong e-commerce, and is more homogeneous with “Tongda system” in terms of pricing and service, resulting in fierce competition. < p > < p > according to the we media “post station” of express industry: in early May, the total network business volume of polar rabbit express exceeded 1 million; in mid July, after the baptism of 618 years of promotion, the daily volume of polar rabbit express had stabilized at more than 5 million; in September, the daily single volume of polar rabbit had stabilized at more than 8 million, and the daily average business volume target of “double 11” this year will impact 25 million units. < / P > < p > in this context, as a “troublemaker”, the extreme rabbit express is not only feared by the headquarters of other express companies, but also spontaneously resisted by some “Tongda” franchisees. < / P > < p > a Changsha express franchisee, who also acts as Zhongtong, Yuantong and Yunda, told the interface news reporter that compared with other express delivery companies, Jitu has a short network time, and its self built terminal stores are insufficient. The delivery of “the last mile” often depends on the post station and express cabinet. Several local express franchisees of Tongda department have joined forces to demand that the terminal agent in the region be prohibited from sending the package of polar rabbit. However, it is still unknown how hard this measure will be for the extreme rabbit. Now it is about to enter the peak season of express delivery industry, and the increasing number of packages will continue to test the affordability of polar rabbit’s network, especially the terminal distribution capacity. Global Tech