Dusk Golem recently tweeted a lot of details about the development of biohazard 8. In August this year, he once reported on a foreign game forum that the screen of ps5 version of “biochemical 8” was not as good as that of xsx version, but the resolution and frame number were not as good as that of xsx version. Specifically, he predicted that the screen of the ps5 version of “biochemical crisis 8” at the initial stage of its launch would be 1080p / 60fps, while that of the Xbox series X version would be 4K / 60fps. < p > < p > in a recent tweet, ps5 was mentioned again. He said that Capcom development team is working very hard to develop ps5, and this version has caused many problems and become “a practical obstacle” for the development team. According to Golem, the original positioning of “biochemical crisis: Village” is a derivative of the series, but it has been changed into the authentic game “biochemical crisis 8” after receiving positive comments and feedback from the internal and testers. At first, the game was planned to be intergenerational and was due to be released in January 2021, but the plan has obviously changed. Now it is just landing on new hosts and PCs. Golem mentioned that “biochemistry 8” can be played on this generation of mainframe technically, and the tests of biochemical Ambassador are often carried out on PS4 pro. However, the super fast load time brought by SSD of next generation host is a function Capcom is looking forward to. In order to let the development team take advantage of this function, the development team decided to abandon the PS4 / xboxone version and focus on the next generation platform. At the same time, it can also make the game have better shadow, improved role model and other advantages. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the development team originally planned to add the mechanism of reality distortion and illusion. However, due to the drag of this generation of hosts, they almost cut off the two playing methods. However, after focusing on the next generation, they were retained. < / P > < p > dusk Golem later added that although the ps5 version of the game was causing a lot of problems, the next generation improvements they tried worked very well on PCs and Xbox series X. As a result, they have been hesitating whether they should reduce some visual enhancement and features, or whether they should switch to intergenerational games, so that more players can play them, so as to have better sales. < p > < p > Golem also mentioned that Capcom sent a questionnaire to test players asking if biochemistry 8 should focus on the next generation or become an intergenerational game. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region