Triton EV, a subsidiary of Triton solar, has built an all electric prototype semitrailer, which features some smart powertrain engineering. Triton EV’s new truck is said to be able to haul 220000 pounds compared to a traditional 18 wheel truck powered by diesel. And the most impressive thing is that this truck uses a hybrid system, but it may not be the kind of hybrid that you think. < / P > < p > the platform of the Triton EV is electrically operated, with a motor and on-board battery, as well as a hydrogen fuel cell generator. < / P > < p > for heavy trucks like this, many other companies choose either pure electric routes or fuel cell power systems. But the problem of the latter power system solution is that in addition to the limited hydrogen supply, its energy density is not particularly high, and it is difficult to generate enough torque to move the load, at least in the view of Triton ev. Good enough acceleration can be achieved by using the electric drive system in such applications, and the hydrogen fuel cell is ready to help maintain the power of the cell. All in all, the new half truck is expected to run about 300 miles. < / P > < p > it took only 35 days for Triton ev – and it took only its own money to build this semi-trailer that runs and drives at a speed that may be more impressive than the car itself. It is understood that the staff of Triton EV achieve this goal by purchasing chassis, frame and other major components from other companies. It makes sense: it’s impossible for people to design, design and build such things from scratch in a month. Car development can cost billions of dollars and take many years to complete. < / P > < p > although Triton EV is exploring opportunities for cooperation, it is unclear whether and when this new electric car will be launched. Of course, the price hasn’t been set yet, but it could be between $150000 and $250000. Global Tech