The Italian antitrust agency said today that it had launched an antitrust investigation into apple and Amazon to assess whether there were antitrust practices in the sale of Apple products and beats headphones. According to the competition and market authority (ACM), the Italian antitrust agency, the investigation aims to determine whether Apple and Amazon have reached an anti fair competition agreement to curb other third-party electronics retailers. < / P > < p > these third-party electronics retailers are not part of Apple’s official plans. They legally buy products from wholesalers and resell them to consumers. ACM believes that the cooperation agreement between apple and Amazon may exclude some competitors from the market, thus weakening the market competition, because they raise the threshold of online sales market and harm the interests of unofficial retailers, the latter are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises selling on the Internet. ACM also said that due to the lack of market competition, such an agreement would not help apple and Amazon to set competitive prices for apple and beats products, which would have a negative impact on consumers and businesses.