Meituan and hungry Mo’s takeout business is facing public questioning. On September 8, people magazine’s in-depth report “takeaway rider, trapped in the system” let everyone see the dilemma of the delivery personnel in the takeout business of the two companies, and also let everyone question the algorithm system behind the takeout platform. < p > < p > although meituan and meituan have responded successively, Sun Ping, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Journalism and communication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the optimization measures mentioned by meituan and meituan can not effectively solve the dilemma of takeaway knights. < p > < p > in the early morning of September 9, hungry Mo responded on his micro blog, saying that the system is dead, and people are alive. He hopes to do better if he is hungry, but only if his orders are on time. < / P > < p > will release new features as soon as possible: add a & quot; button when users settle their payments; I’d like to wait 5 / 10 minutes for an extra button; < / P > < p > however, the response to starvation has raised a lot of doubts, especially the practice of guiding consumers to wait five or ten minutes more, which is considered to shift the responsibility to consumers. < / P > < p > price discrimination is over, starting time discrimination. You know clearly that this is not the root cause of a large number of violations by riders. Originally five copies were sent, but now the three are willing to wait five more minutes. The rider can only use this world to receive more orders. On September 9, Tang Jiansheng, Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of consumer protection, analyzed the response of hungry Mo: in fact, the statement was logically problematic. He said: < / P > < p > the (Overtime) behavior of couriers is not caused by consumers, it is a logic that needs to be emphasized again and again. It is necessary to clarify the relationship between takeout platform, takeout staff and consumers, which are generated through the platform. Business is business, and the management method of takeaway platform needs to be further improved. < / P > < p > just like all technologies in the world today, we can only use technology to provide better services. As for the delivery of takeout and fresh food, in fact, it involves some more complex scenes, such as rain, the change of weather may affect the efficiency of the delivery staff, and the morning and evening peak time, our prediction of road conditions, these are the problems we need to consider. < / P > < p > to solve this problem, we need to rely on the platform and supervision. We can’t “throw off the pot” consumers. Once the consumers are very warm, they can wait 5 to 10 minutes longer. The takeaway brother will send the customers who don’t choose this option first, and then give them to the customers who have chosen this option. Finally, the more tolerant and warm people are, the more vulnerable they are. This is not appropriate. Sun Ping, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Journalism and communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with surging news that there was something wrong with the statement of hungry? & quot; consumers and riders felt like they had been kidnapped by morality, and the platform put consumers and riders on the opposite side;. < / P > < p > some takeout riders said that the system was responsible for the high-risk occupation of takeaway, but some takeout riders said that they supported the function of “waiting for 5-10 minutes”, so as to ensure the personal safety of the riders. However, in the evening of September 9, meituan also gave its own official response, admitting that & quot; not doing well is not doing well & quot; and said that the problems of the system need to be solved by the people behind the system. < / P > < p > system optimization. For each delivery order, while providing users with on-time delivery service, meituan scheduling system will leave 8 minutes of flexible time for riders. In bad weather, the system will extend the delivery time of riders and even stop receiving orders. The rider complaint function will be upgraded. For overtime and complaints due to bad weather, accidents and other special circumstances, after verification, the rider assessment and income will not be affected. < / P > < p > will strengthen the technical team of distribution security, focusing on how to ensure safety through technology and algorithm; at the same time, meituan is also developing smart helmets to ensure safety, and laying intelligent dining cabinets to solve the last kilometer distribution problem of riders. < / P > < p > in addition, meituan also said that it would improve the rider reward mode, care for riders and their families, hold a riders’ Forum and set up a product experience officer. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that in the comment area of the response article, senior executives and algorithm developers of meituan should regularly experience the meal delivered by the takeaway rider; Meituan said: < / P > < p > Algorithm Engineers and management will regularly deliver takeaway to the front line, truly understand the needs of riders, merchants and users, and continue to iterate the system 2-3 times a week. < / P > < p > the three-dimensional topographic map of China recommended by colleagues is really very good. It is much more intuitive than looking at a plane map, which is conducive to establishing a clearer world view. However, I found a mistake in the picture today. Ladakh range of Ladakh mountain was marked as “dalak mountain”. This is indeed an easy mistake to make. In this regard, it has been criticized that Wang Xing is still concerned about the three-dimensional map while the outside world is paying attention to the takeaway riders, which shows that the meituan under Wang Xing’s leadership is too cold-blooded. < / P > < p > algorithm is cold, it will squeeze the potential of the whole system infinitely, and finally reach a delicate balance, that is, all riders are on the edge of fatigue. Algorithm is not human, it certainly has no human nature. However, the overall treatment and pressure of meituan riders are the highest, which is also recognized by the industry. < p > < p > Wu Yuefeng also said: shopping malls are like battlefields, and this extreme use of efficiency has been engraved into the gene of meituan, which survived the “hundred regiment war”. For the company, for Wang Xing, and for riders, it’s hard to find another way to go. For example, Sun Ping, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Journalism and communication of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the optimization measures mentioned by meituan can not effectively solve the dilemma of the takeaway knight. < p > < p > in her opinion, the most urgent task is to establish an algorithm negotiation mechanism at the social and organizational levels against the background that China and the world are stepping into the era of algorithm. Sun Ping believes that there is an important problem in the algorithm system of the whole takeout platform: that is, compared with the knight, the system has a strong tendency for consumers. She said that the whole system & quot; is consumer oriented and consumer first, such as time setting, complaint and suggestion mechanism, etc., and the system is biased towards consumers. < / P > < p > at the same time, takeaway riders don’t have the right to speak – it’s not hard to understand, after all, consumers have to pay for the platform, and the platform also has to pay for the takeaway rider. < / P > < p > in theory, the algorithm itself should consider the interests of all parties on the platform. However, in the current algorithm design of the takeout platform, it is obvious that the consumers’ experience and the service volume of the platform are the most important objectives, followed by the status of merchants, and the experience of riders is put in the lowest position. < / P > < p > it is not only programmers, architects, computers or engineers who decide the algorithm. The stores, consumers, businesses, government and social scientists who have settled in meituan platform should participate in the setting and auditing of algorithm rules. Sun Ping also said that at present, there is another reason for the dilemma of takeaway riders, that is, the labor relationship between takeout workers and the platform. At present, most of the takeout riders have no basic salary, which leads to the takeout riders being priced on a piece by piece basis. She believes that the platform side should give certain protection to the riders, and the original basic salary should not be lacking. < / P > < p > she also said that whether it is government guidance or platform driven spontaneously, a labor polymer belonging to takeaway riders should be formed to give takeaway riders a chance and place to speak. The most fundamental principle of market economy is to maximize benefits and interests. Once the rules are followed, the whole algorithm system and mechanism will be totally biased towards the management side There is always a solution to be explored. In my opinion, the biggest loose point is that it is not impossible to make the algorithm mechanism from purely technical to technical and social, and to make technology more flexible and inclusive. < p > < p > it is worth mentioning that on September 10, in view of the dilemma of takeaway riders, the Beijing Evening News published a comment that it was the platform that really put the takeaway little brother in a high-risk place. < / P > < p > the platform should not take the safety of riders’ life as the price to solve the pressure, let alone make up for the user experience in a hurry. Hungry? In the statement, the system is dead, people are alive. In fact, the system is not dead, and the algorithm mechanism that coerces the life safety of takeaway workers can and must be changed. Instead of allowing users to tolerate more than 5 minutes, it is better to leave a buffer period for the knight to slow down in the algorithm. < / P > < p > the takeout industry is showing the effect of “bad money drives out good money”. The more accurate the algorithm is, the more severe it is to squeeze the riders, the higher the efficiency, the higher the customer satisfaction, and the more advantages they have in the competition. Riders also know this, but they are always in a relatively weak position in the game with takeaway giants. In this fast-paced society, everyone should slow down appropriately and not be coerced by the “system”, so as to make the algorithm, assessment and security more humanized, and many problems will be solved easily. < / P > < p > today, the commercial competition is against time, the user experience is pursuing the extreme, and the rights and interests of workers need to be protected. Is this impossible triangle? no A good business model must be compassionate to solve consumption pain points and avoid creating new pain. No matter how advanced the “system” is, we should also see specific people. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19