“Spirit media” developer bloober team’s statement triggered speculation that they may be restarting the “silent hill” game. Foreign media VGC also reported that “silent hill” developed by bloober team is not the only one, suggesting that a number of “silent hill” games have been outsourced and restarted.


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In accepting GamesIndustry.biz In the interview, the bloober team said that they are working with a very well-known publisher to develop a horror game IP, which has been more than a year. Future games may have more action elements.

The CEO of blober team told me GamesIndustry.biz “We’ve been developing another game project for more than a year, another horror game IP, and we’re working with a very well-known game publisher. I can’t tell you who it is. I can’t tell you which game it is, but I can be very sure that people will be very excited when they know what we’re doing. “

Later, foreign media VGC reported that their sources told them that Konami, who owns the copyright of silent hill, had outsourced a game of silent hill to a famous Japanese developer, which will be released this summer. If it’s right, plus the speculation around the blober team, it seems that several Silent Hill games are under development.

According to VGC, konamiu initially contacted supermassive, the developer of black photo album, to develop a sample for the restart of silent hill. But supermassive’s game was not signed in the end, but the framework of that game evolved into chapter style “black photos” game.

VGC also said the Japanese studio’s Silent Hill game is a departure from the previous Silent Hill game. Konami’s Japanese executives have been opposed to outsourcing their key game brands, which is an important reason why supermassive games were not approved. But with the failure of its own games, alloy survival and contra: Rogue corps, VGC sources said Konami began to want to contact external developers for its important series of IP.

In addition to silent hill, VGC sources said Konami also plans to outsource the development of devil city and metal gear games, but any potential new works will take a long time to go on sale.