The special occupation of yellow cattle has always been hated by normal consumers because it is on the edge of law. Recently, an anecdote happened in the cattle circle of the island country, which directly caused Japanese netizens to like Pu Ben. They spread the false news of cattle mistakenly, and a large number of rubbish steel PRA made the netizens shout happily. < / P > < p > · the protagonist of the event is the Hg rx-78an-01 Tristan steel pra. Although the appearance of this steel PRA was good when it was launched at that time, it was sneered at by collectors because of its antiquity and shoddy materials. The problem is that the scalpers have stocked a large number of such garbage steel platas. < p > < p > < p > · why do the always shrewd yellow cattle keep such unsalable garbage for N years? The reason is that not long ago, the news came from the Internet, which first advocated that “Tristan has this kind of hidden top grade steel PRA!” He made a gimmick and then rumored that he would put it into production in the PS4 game “Gundam Mission 2” to create influence. As a result, many scalpers took actions, and Hg rx-78an-01 Tristan goldsteel Plata, which had been under pressure for many years, was swept away. What’s interesting is that Hg rx-78an-01 Tristan, which has been hung up by the yellow cattle, is as high as 14613 yen. It seems that it is really taken as a treasure by the yellow cattle. However, we still advise those who do not understand this to stop being cheated by the scalpers again. Global Tech