According to an adviser to the Japanese government, another outbreak of covid-19 may occur during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In an interview with Kyodo news agency, nobuhiko Okabe, director of the Kawasaki Institute of public health, said the number of new crown patients would increase during the Olympics. < / P > < p > people from all over the world get together, which undoubtedly brings a series of risks. As long as the Olympic Games are held, we have to let people know that the number of infections may increase. It is not likely to stop the Olympic Games at this stage. Assuming that the number of infected people increases sharply, it will bring a heavy burden to the Japanese government, so we will need to make a brave decision to cancel them. In view of the information we have at present, I will not say “don’t worry, the Olympic Games can be held”, but I think it can be carried out if the measures are appropriate. < / P > < p > due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the Olympic Games have been postponed to 2021 and are currently scheduled for July 23 to August 8. The Paralympic Games will be held from August 24 to September 5. Okabu is a consultant to a team composed of the Japanese government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo organizing committee 2020. He said the best way to avoid an outbreak is not to hold the Olympics, but he said: “there is no point in having an endless debate now. Instead, the debate should be about what needs to be done to keep the infection under control, but not to reduce it to zero. That’s what we experts have to convey. Global Tech

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