Under the background that the United States is exerting more and more pressure on high-tech Chinese enterprises, SMIC, Changjiang storage and other enterprises are speeding up the process of “de beautification”. According to the Nikkei Asia review, SMIC and China’s first 3D NAND flash memory manufacturer, Changjiang storage, have recently formulated relevant plans to step up the testing of non US devices in their own R & D production lines. Previously, SMIC purchased several years’ worth of inventory from applied materials, but the ban risk forced it to formulate plan B as soon as possible, according to sources. China International will lay a 40nm chip production line without us equipment by the end of this year, and plans to develop a more advanced 28nm process within three years, according to the report. However, Changjiang storage is ready to increase the domestic equipment substitution rate from 30% to 70%, and will include more mainland companies in its supplier list in a planned way. < p > < p > earlier, it was reported that the relevant departments of the United States were considering listing SMIC in the trade blacklist. On September 5, SMIC officially responded.

SMIC said that our company is solemnly declaring that SMIC is an integrated circuit manufacturing enterprise which is internationally operated on the Hongkong stock exchange and the mainland China A shares. The company strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the relevant countries and regions, and has been lawfully regulated according to the regulations. SMIC is willing to communicate with relevant U.S. government departments in a sincere, open and transparent manner to resolve possible differences and misunderstandings. According to domestic media reports, there are private-equity researchers. Currently, SMIC can achieve mass production in 14nm process. However, due to factors such as photolithography, this process can not be beautified. Global Tech