Residents of takegawa, Japan, have begun to use a “monster wolf” robot to scare away invasive wild animals, such as bears, who often forage in garbage cans in residential areas. Usually, the town hired hunters to capture bears and drive them out of the city, but this time the residents came up with a more creative solution to scare the bears away. < / P > < p > the robot, called monster wolf, is made from machine parts from Ohta Seiki, a Hokkaido manufacturing company. According to Sora News 24, monster wolf is equipped with infrared sensors that can detect the presence of bears or other wild animals nearby. < / P > < p > when a bear or other animal triggers the monster wolf sensor, the robot’s head moves and its red LED eyes light up. Loudspeakers inside the robot emit a variety of loud sounds – including wolf howls, gunshots and human voices – to scare and drive wild animals away. Soranews24 reports that the idea of having robots drive invasive wildlife like bears is clearly very popular in Japan, as 62 communities already have their own versions of the “wolf monster” robot. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple