A number of taxi companies in Tokyo recently applied to the government to refuse to take a taxi if passengers refuse to wear masks without proper reasons, NHK reported on the 18th. Relevant government departments said they would check the application and announce the results in the near future. If the application is approved, it may be implemented in the whole taxi industry. According to Japan’s road transportation law, taxis can’t be refused except under certain circumstances such as serious drunkenness of passengers and violence against drivers. Therefore, the current situation of passengers not wearing masks is not within the scope of reasonable rejection. In September, Japanese taxi company rizhimaru transportation conducted a survey. The company retrieved three-day travel recorder videos from various business departments and found that 81% of the 2843 passengers wore masks, while 19% did not. < / P > < p > although the company has taken anti epidemic measures such as installing plastic membrane and frequently disinfecting taxis, the drivers still feel uneasy about passengers not wearing masks. Global Tech