In the next year’s budget application, the Ministry of education, culture, science and technology of Japan has included about 280 billion yen (about 18 billion yuan) in the annual budget of Japan Aerospace Research and Development Agency (JAXA). The core of this record budget is the cost of participating in the US led lunar exploration project, for which Japan has invested 80.9 billion yen equivalent to more than half of last year’s space budget. The United States intends to allocate lunar landing opportunities according to the contribution of participating countries, and the Japanese government tries to ensure that Japanese astronauts get the space to land on the moon by showing a cooperative attitude. According to JAXA, since its establishment in 2003, the total of the original budget and supplementary budget has not exceeded 200 billion yen. The annual budget of the past 10 years is about 180 billion to 190 billion yen, so this budget is far higher than before. It is said that of the 80.9 billion yen listed by Japan to participate in the lunar landing project, 61 billion yen was used to develop a new unmanned replenishment spacecraft to transport materials to the “portal” of the lunar base, 7.6 billion yen was used for the research and development of the base’s stay module, and 4.7 billion yen was used for the development of unmanned lunar surface detectors. According to the report, the annual budget of NASA has reached 2.3 trillion yen, the highest in the world. The European Space Agency (ESA) is about 800 billion yen, and “China also exceeds 600 billion yen”. Global Tech