Following Konami’s announcement in early December that the sales volume of switch’s monopoly game “taotaro electric iron Showa and pingchenglinghe Dingfan” exceeded 750000 copies, today (December 21), Konami released good news again, announcing that the cumulative sales volume of this game, which has occupied the top of the Japanese game sales list for several weeks in a row, has exceeded 1 million copies. < / P > < p > different from the previously reported shipment volume of more than 1 million, the news released by Konami this time is the real sales data of the game, which is equivalent to that since the game was officially launched on November 19, 1 million switch players in Japan have purchased the game. < / P > < p > taotaro subway is a national monopoly game in Japan. By combining the mode of railway operation and monopoly, and adding the fairy tale color of “taotaro”, the perfect entertainment effect is achieved. The taotaro Metro: Zhaohe Pingcheng Linghe is also a convention is the latest work of the series. In the latest work of the taotaro Metro series, taotaro Metro: Showa Pingcheng Linghe is also the basic model, the player will incarnate as the president of the railway company, with the total assets first as the goal to transport goods across the country. Global Tech