According to foreign media macrumors, Apple’s fitness + subscription service will be launched on Monday. Before the official launch, Jay Blahnik, Apple’s senior director of fitness technology, has been giving media interviews to explain how all this works. In an interview with fast company, he talked about how Apple fitness + is tailor-made for all levels of users and explains in detail what it can do for beginners. < / P > < p > each fitness + video includes three different coaches appearing on the screen at the same time, and at least one of these coaches will do a “adjusted” version of the exercise, which is simpler or less laborious. For example, in bicycle training, one coach may step more slowly, or in yoga training, one of the coaches may do simpler postures. In many cases, the alternate coaches that users see in fitness videos will be the protagonists of other kinds of training. < p > < p > Apple has also added a series of 10 to 20 minute videos for people who are new to exercise and are not ready for standard exercise. These videos have a single trainer and provide instruction on device setup or how to perform a specific sport. < / P > < p > “one thing we’ve heard is that exercise is hard for people,” says Blahnik. “If you’re a beginner, it’s hard because you don’t know what to do, you don’t know where to start, or you’re in poor health, and going to the gym or taking classes is actually taking on too much…” < / P > < p > “we knew from the beginning that if we could do something to give everyone a better fitness experience, it would feel good to apple It’s a great thing for watch’s customers, “Blahnik said. < / P > < p > the app is also designed to provide new exercise suggestions based on the type of exercise people have completed. “We’ve done some very intelligent things to simply get you the next best exercise,” Blahnik said. The < / P > < p > algorithm will suggest the type of exercise people like, but it will also provide suggestions for supplementary exercise. For example, fitness + might suggest HIIT or yoga for those who like running or cycling. Global Tech