Recently, the public may have found that the sharing of motorcycles on the streets of Jiangmen has become very few, and some places have no more. Yes, the Municipal Transportation Bureau recently issued the “notice on recycling the stock of shared electric bicycles within a time limit”, requiring jietu, Hailuo, Xiaoliu and other enterprises to take the initiative to recycle all the shared electric bicycles that have been put into use in our city, and no longer continue to put them into operation. < / P > < p > the reporter learned in the morning that several sharing electric bicycle enterprises previously operating in our city have basically completed the vehicle recycling work, and the online app pop-up window informs users of suspension of operation and opens a refund channel. Zhang Jinhao, public relations manager of Harlow travel, said: “at this stage, in order to improve the riding experience, the mopeds in Jiangmen will be recycled and returned to the warehouse for maintenance. During this period, all the mopeds on the road can not be used. If the user has already purchased the monthly card, he / she can return the card through Hello customer service. It is expected that the account will arrive within two working days. Therefore, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to the user. ” < / P > < p > many citizens said that it would be inconvenient for short-distance travel to stop cycling service by sharing electric bicycles. We hope that relevant departments will increase publicity and education, guide citizens to regulate riding and guide enterprises to operate legally and legally. Ms Zhao said: “convenience is very convenient, but there may be potential security risks. It depends on how the regulatory authorities deal with it. We should do everything according to the requirements.” < p > < p > next, the relevant departments will continue to optimize and improve the bus lines according to the travel needs of the citizens, focusing on cooperating with the opening of Jiangmen station, industrial park, new school and new hospital of Zhuxi hub, and synchronously connecting bus lines to meet the needs of citizens for medical treatment, schooling and business travel. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure