“We had to wait for such a notice. We didn’t expect the company to be so irresponsible.” An employee of Jiangsu sailin Shanghai Branch said. According to the content of the notice, due to the influence of many internal and external factors, the production and operation of Jiangsu sailin encountered difficulties and could not continue to operate for the time being. As the state-owned shareholder of Jiangsu sailin, Nantong Jiahe technology investment and Development Co., Ltd. has issued a notice to all employees of Jiangsu sailin on June 30, 2020 in order to maximize the legitimate rights and interests of its employees. However, there are still some employees who have not yet gone through the handover procedures and social security downsizing. < / P > < p > in this regard, an employee said, “I think this is an irresponsible and naked threat, and it is knowing the law and breaking the law. It is a kind of demolition thinking to deal with this matter. It is the practice of the underworld. This is my summary of this matter.” < / P > < p > there are also employees who think that “if we don’t raise wages or anything, we threaten us. As employees, what laws do we violate if we don’t quit? As early as April this year, Qiao Yudong, a former senior legal manager of sailin automobile, issued a real name complaint letter on the Internet, saying that Wang Xiaolin, the chairman of the board, was suspected of false technology investment and embezzlement of huge state-owned assets. He invested 5.5 billion yuan and 1.1 billion yuan of Technology cost of US $0.5 million and US $20 million respectively, resulting in the loss of billions of yuan of state-owned assets. < p > < p > at present, Wang Xiaolin, chairman of sailin Automobile Co., Ltd., is in the United States. The company’s capital chain is broken, the doors of two factories are closed, assets are sealed up, and thousands of employees are unemployed without pay. Jiangsu sailin has no way to continue, and the car building has ended in failure. < p > < p > according to the public data, sailin brand was born in 1983 and was founded by Steve Saleen, a former American racing driver. It is famous for refitting Ford Mustang and other models. < p > < p > its new products are planned to be introduced and put into production in China by Jiangsu sailin Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2017. The company is jointly invested by American sailin International Automobile Company and Weimeng automobile industry group with a number of domestic enterprises, with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan and a total investment of 17.8 billion yuan. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”