Double 11 is no longer just a carnival on the material level. It can buy more satisfactory products at a more favorable price. It also carries people’s yearning for a better life and gives shopping more significance. Following the launch of the brand new idea of “live up to every love” on June 18, this year’s double 11 event of Jingdong is named “11.11 global love season”, which will be officially warmed up tomorrow (October 21). < / P > < p > similar to previous years, Jingdong carries out promotion activities by promoting a category day or theme day every day. This year’s pre-sale is divided into two waves. The first wave of pre-sale deposit is from October 21 to 31 and the balance is paid on November 1, while the second wave is from November 4 to 10 and the balance is paid on November 11. < / P > < p > the pre-sale play method is similar to the past, that is, the advance deposit can be expanded several times to obtain a reduction discount, and the maximum expansion can be 100 times. This pre-sale is more powerful than in previous years, covering 3C, everyone power, etc. < p > < p > different from the complicated preferential playing methods in the past years, Jingdong provides three main venues of “low price, good things, simple and happy, and safe purchase”, and provides “40 yuan for every 300 yuan plus” and “60 yuan for every 1000 yuan” discount. Users can know the price after the discount without complicated calculation. < / P > < p > like tmall’s super red envelope, Jingxiang Hongbao can be used for all the physical goods that can be purchased in Jingdong Mall, and they are fully cash in. Jingxiang red packet can also be split in the form of wechat applet and password, and the red packet can be improved through the help of friends. < / P > < p > is also divided into two waves, the first wave is from 18:00 on October 29 to 24:00 on November 3, and the use time is from October 29 to November 3; the second wave is from 0:00 on November 4 to 24:00 on November 11, and the second wave is from November 4 to November 13. Global Tech