Recently, jingzun in Jingdong is on fire. Just spend 49 yuan more for express delivery, and you will be provided with the delivery service of special person and special car with suit and white gloves. Jingdong Logistics said that we have both jingzunda younger brother and younger sister. We have online appearance. The average height of the younger brother is 180cm +, wearing formal clothes and driving new energy vehicles. It provides a “sense of ceremony” choice for people to deliver their wishes in daily life or various festivals. < p > < p > some netizens said that the black clothes of jingzunda Express were a little solemn. In response, BOE said: “the sense of ceremony is a solemn moment in our daily life, a choice and an attitude. For us, the most solemn ceremony is to deliver trust! In fact, jingzunda’s younger brother still has Christmas Edition, Spring Festival edition and so on < p > < p > at the same time, Jingdong Logistics also showed her little sister jingzunda dressed in Christmas clothes, wearing a red hat and a red bow tie around her neck. < / P > < p > Jingdong Logistics added: “but you are right, jingzunda service needs more colors! From now on to December 10, we will solicit good suggestions for upgrading the service of “jingzunda” < / P > < p > in fact, “jingzunda” was launched as early as 2017. In 2019, “jingzunda” will be upgraded. As long as you purchase all kinds of self operated products (except large and fresh products) of JD and select “jingzunda” on the order submission page, you can enjoy jingzunda service. < p > < p > according to statistics, among the consumers who use jingzunda, white-collar workers give the most, such as computer numbers, luxury bags, cosmetics and skin care. In recent years, jingzunda’s younger brother has not only sent more than 300000 Aibi watches, but also a bag of rice, and “Da Fei” has taken eight hours to send important documents across 2000 km. Global Tech