Based on the upgraded version of Jingdian card, the plus super life card launched by Jingdong and many partners is no longer limited to online shopping, but also provides various offline rights and interests for members. In this year’s double 11 activities, Jingdong plus super life card once again reached a good purchase price. At 102 yuan / year, you can enjoy meituan takeout coupon worth 90 yuan, Didi’s travel is 75% off all year round, and Haidilao’s full delivery order is 85% off. < / P > < p > plus super life card includes the shopping privileges of Jingdong plus members’ Jingdian card, including 10 times of shopping rebate, 360 yuan of annual free freight, million member price goods and other rich shopping rights. Plus super life card can also enjoy a variety of rights and interests of eating, drinking and playing online. You can customize the annual card in Costa and enjoy half price of hand-made drinks. The tickets of Disneyland are 8.8% and 19.9 yuan respectively. Besides watching blockbusters in Wanda cinema, we also have established and long-term cooperation with dingdong, Burger King, meituan taxi, Yaduo Hotel (three for one), and pizza hut. < / P > < p > in addition, you can also enjoy 10% off annual travel card, as low as 88% off national general annual pass, Xingmei Movie City annual card with a maximum deduction of 12 yuan per month, orange cattle car maintenance gift bag with an effort to save 300 yuan, and palm high-speed rail privileges to enjoy free national high-speed rail VIP Hall experience. < / P > < p > in addition, JD also provides a variety of joint card activities according to the needs of users, including JD + Tencent video, JD + iqiyi, JD + mango TV, JD + QQ music, JD + Himalaya, etc. The daily selling price of the United card is 299 yuan / year, and the current booking price is 148 yuan / year. Jingdong will send a red envelope of 30 yuan, equivalent to 118 yuan for the New Year card. < / P > < p > if you only want to buy online in Jingdong, or you are not interested in these offline interests, you can choose to purchase Jingdong plus Jingdian card alone, with an annual fee of 99 yuan. Now open card can return 30 yuan red envelope, equivalent to the price of 69 yuan. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park