According to Jingdong big data, on November 1, fast-moving consumer goods such as milk and dairy products, shampoo, rice, biscuit cake and paper drawing became the top five categories in terms of sales volume, while mobile phones, washing machines, flat-panel TVs, refrigerators, laptops and other 3C household appliances ranked first in turnover, with year-on-year growth in turnover. The top categories were clothing and underwear, household daily necessities, cosmetics and skin care, pet life, etc Kitchenware. < p > < p > from the analysis of the first day consumption characteristics of the national market, the total consumption of the second and third tier markets increased significantly, among which Liaoning Province, Chongqing city and Jiangxi province became the top three provinces. < / P > < p > in addition, in 10 seconds before the live broadcast of, the total transaction value of the No.1 JINGTIE exceeded 100 million in 7 minutes, and that of No.1 JINGTIE exceeded 1 billion in 50 minutes. Jingxi, a social e-commerce platform under Jingdong, achieved a 160% year-on-year increase in order volume on the first day. < p > < p > according to data from Jingdong, as of 13:29 on November 1, including Jingdong retail orders and open business orders, JDL Jingdong Logistics had delivered more goods than last year. In addition, on November 1, the total number of cards opened by Jingdong plus members increased by 113% over the same period last year. Privacy Policy