Apple has led its Project Titan autopilot to AI John, Giannandrea, and leads Apple’s Siri and machine learning team. Apple Car (Apple motor) project has been brewing for many years, and it is said that it will focus on the automatic system needed for the automatic driving vehicle. Doug field is in charge of its day-to-day work, after reporting to Bob Mansfield, Apple’s former senior vice president of hardware engineering. < / P > < p > now, field and project Titan will be headed by giannandrea, Apple’s senior vice president of AI and machine learning. It is reported that the AI director will now be responsible for the development of the autopilot vehicle system, which may be used in Apple Car in the future. < p > < p > Mansfield, a former head of project Titan, retired in 2012 but is still a consultant at Apple. In 2016, he retired to start driving the autopilot car department. Now, Mansfield is said to have retired completely, leading to this leadership change. < / P > < p > in addition to the development of autonomous systems, giannandrea’s responsibilities include leading the development of Siri and the company’s work in machine learning. < / P > < p > giannandrea had been in contact with apple before it was hired by apple in 2018. Giannandrea’s early AI work was completed in the mid-1990s by Apple’s spin off company general magic, before he moved to Netscape. It is believed that in addition to Google’s search business, Google also participated in the autopilot project. The way to join Giann > in 2010 was through Google’s acquisition. Google eventually incorporated the acquired metaweb products into its search results, which greatly expanded Google’s AI talent pool and thus greatly promoted the company’s research.

apple is believed to start developing Apple Car or related autopilot in 2014. Since then, project Titan has been plagued by restructuring and layoffs, but its development will continue until 2020.

is reporting that apple is considering launching its first car, designing an automatic driving system for its partners, or offering customer service packages that can be installed on different cars, Bloomberg reported. < p > < p > as early as 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the Cupertino based technology giant was developing “autonomous systems,” although his comments showed that the focus was on software. Since then, however, there has been growing evidence that apple is still considering building a real physical car. Global Tech