Since the launch of the next generation host, it has triggered a rush to buy all over the world. The players who can successfully grab the ps5 and Xbox series have good luck. When it comes to the shortage of sub era mainframe, in addition to the lack of production capacity, it is obvious that the existence of scalpers is also a major factor.


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Recently, id software co-founder and destroyer and Thor’s hammer creator John kamak shared his views on twitter. He believed that the best way to solve the current situation is for Sony and Microsoft to reduce middlemen and sell ps5 and Xbox series directly to consumers.

On twitter, Carmack pointed out that given the shortage of products such as 3090 graphics cards and new hosts, the situation would be much better if there were a transparent auction system directly from manufacturers and a more efficient market. He believes that eliminating middlemen will bring better benefits to consumers.

It’s hard to say whether Carmack’s proposal is practical or not. It seems that selling products directly in front of consumers by manufacturers can not completely eliminate scalpers’ rush buying. According to Michael Driscoll, a data engineer, about 10-15% of the ps5 in the United States has been sold by scalpers. Many players expect the status quo of the hardware market to be improved, at least Carmack gave his advice.