Sales of Apple’s iPhone 11 are falling as people eagerly wait for the release of the new iPhone 12, J.P. Morgan said in a report today. JPMorgan quoted wave7 research as saying that overall iPhone sales are “significantly slowing down.”. Analysts said that while sales of iphonese on some carriers seemed to have maintained good in recent months, sales momentum of the low-end iPhone did moderate. According to JP Morgan, only 58% of Apple retail stores in the United States are open at present, compared with 80% at the end of June due to the resurgence of the new crown epidemic. Apple’s shares fell nearly 3% on Friday, down about 17% from its recent high on September 1. At current levels, the stock is less than 3% above its 50 day moving average and has not fallen below that level since the end of April. < / P > < p > Apple’s autumn launch will be held next week, with the focus likely to be on the iPad. “Apple has already traded at very high prices, and only a 5g cycle of speculation can push the stock back to high,” stone fox capital said today < / P > < p > stone fox capital said investors need to understand that the last rally in this bull cycle is likely to be the last chance to sell the stock. As the wireless network is not yet complete, 5g smartphones are likely to be disappointing next year, leading to low inventory and falling demand. ” Global Tech