A “cute baby” blogger with more than 10 million fans said to her mother, who was filming the video with wide eyes: “in this family, my surname is Liu, and my father’s surname is Liu. Only your surname is Li. Who is picked up in the garbage can? Don’t you count it in your mind?” Don’t worry about this mother’s injustice. From the information displayed in the account, this mother is involved in the video shooting and operation. < / P > < p > the other protagonist is the primary school girl’s account. Just watching the video thumbnail can capture the words in the adult world such as “buying a house”, “getting married”, “having more than 100 million assets” and “being poor”. The little girl in the video has a good mouth. With the fast-paced clips and the realistic truth with the breath of jokes and doggerel, the adult brain can’t keep up with the pace. < p > < p > across the screen, a child’s performance is considered childish by most adult viewers. In the comment area, more people praised the children’s cleverness and growing up. Only a small number of audiences questioned: should such words be said from the children’s mouth? < p > < p > on youtube, a 9-year-old American boy who specializes in toy reviews, made $26 million in 2019, becoming the highest paid blogger of the year. Another 7-year-old Korean video blogger, Bao Lan, has accumulated 40 million fans by publishing toy reviews and children’s short plays, and many of his works have been broadcast for more than 100 million. Last year, her parents bought a five story mansion worth 9.5 billion won (about 56 million yuan) in Seoul’s “rich people’s area” in the south of the Yangtze River. < p > < p > it’s also a short play for children. Han Dapeng, from Shandong Province, has opened a short video account for his two daughters for more than a year. His monthly income is from 150000 yuan, and “I don’t know how to spend it even after I pay it back.”. Today, he is a full-time video blogger. < / P > < p > in his account “Uncle Peng is waiting”, two children and adults act together. Although there is a script preset, it is mainly the children who play according to the plot. Han Dapeng, who likes movies, also adds split lens, close-up and various editing techniques to the short video. It takes about 5 days to complete a work. The production efficiency of < / P > < p > is not high among peers. Some hardworking parents can do the daily shift, and some can accumulate millions of fans even if they only take pictures of their children to eat every day. < / P > < p > “people have raised their daughters in cloud. They have been used to watching them every day. If I can’t update them every day, I feel a bit sorry for them.” Liu Hao from Beijing said. He calls himself “the old father”. He takes station B and headlines as the main battlefield. He uploads a daily picture of his 3-year-old daughter every day. The video is only a few minutes, and there is no special design except fancy subtitles and music. Only one video of Liu Hao’s daughter can be shared between relatives and friends. In December last year, seeing the short video became popular, Liu Hao thought, “I can do this too.”. His cell phone has a lot of video footage of his daughter, “ready to go.”. < p > < p > during the live broadcast on station B at the weekend, Liu Hao was more casual and did not inform his fans in advance and did not have a fixed time. Even so, about 1000 people can enter the studio. No goods, pure chat, “can come to see is particularly like my daughter.” Although there are only tens of thousands of fans at present, the viscosity is high, and the income of thousands of yuan can be obtained only by the monthly broadcast flow. For Han Dapeng, receiving advertising is the main way of income. He admitted that he had been a bit greedy. For a time, 12 out of 13 videos released in a row were advertisements. “Although fans have no influence, they don’t feel good.” Now he has taken the initiative to reduce the frequency of receiving advertisements. < / P > < p > some parents have realized the transformation of short video traffic and income in the future. “No matter what he will do in the future, this is a personal flow wealth. If it can last 5 or 10 years, when he grows up and needs to use network power, this is also a resource he has accumulated. ” Jamie’s mother said. < / P > < p > Jamie’s mother, who once worked in a fortune 500 company, runs an account for her son with 1 million fans. Her video features cute, warm hearted and overseas life. Living in Australia, his son’s fan count surprised the local kindergarten director. And one million in China’s cute baby bloggers, is no longer an eye-catching number. More than two years after opening the account, Jamie was not recognized more than 10 times on the street. Recently, the news that 3-year-old girl Peiqi was fed 70 kg by her parents attracted much attention. In the video, hamburgers, fried chicken, kebabs and other high calorie foods are constantly delivered to children, and parents emphasize “breaking through 100 kg immediately.”. On the video platform, the amount of playback, interaction and income are directly linked. < / P > < p > the flow is in the ascendant, and some children’s attention to the screen has also generated consciousness early. On the fast track, a 3 year old fellow in the video told the live broadcast of the live broadcast to the “Kwai tie” skillfully. “Auntie, they are too busy today to sell you goods tomorrow. Come to my studio and arrange everything. ” In another video, the little girl simply became a director and told her father about her own ideas. The father of the child praised his daughter in the live broadcast. < / P > < p > the generation growing up with mobile phones seems to have a natural ability to adapt to the lens. “I feel in her mind, as soon as I pick up the phone, there should be a group of uncles and aunts and brothers and sisters looking at her.” Liu Hao said. After Han Dapeng’s daughter went to school, the kindergarten teacher said they were “xiaowanghong”. “If someone says you’re an Internet star, just say thank you,” he told the child He felt that although he and his children have become “Internet celebrities” in the sense of data, now the word appears in negative news. < / P > < p > “I don’t belittle it, but I don’t worship it either.” Zhang’s account now has more than five million fans across the network after a video of her daily conversation with her daughter unexpectedly became popular a year ago. < p > < p > her 6-year-old daughter, who was born and raised in Northeast China, has a broken mouth. When it comes to funny things, Zhang Lili takes up her mobile phone and “chats for a while”. The two of them feel happy in their daily conversation. < / P > < p > the daughter is very active in the camera of her mother, and sometimes she is still competing with adults to bring goods in the live room. Fans say that the child can become an Internet celebrity anchor in the future. Zhang Lili’s attitude towards this is: absolutely disagree. She still hopes that her daughter can learn painting well and become a designer with her own skills in the future. < / P > < p > < p > the cost of high traffic of “small Internet celebrities” is a certain degree of privacy leakage. Han Dapeng’s daughter’s name in the video is nickname, the real name has never been released. Liu Hao chose a kindergarten for his daughter. He chose a place next to the criminal police team. He would try to avoid a fixed place when he went out. But Liu believes that fans of “Yunyang daughter” are not purely malicious. < / P > < p > because she was worried about her child’s privacy, Jamie’s mother once thought, “I’d better not do it.”. Before the outbreak, the family returned from Australia. The first thing they did when they went to the kindergarten in China was to tell the teacher how many fans Jamie had. The purpose was to “if something happened to the child, the teacher should know”. Sometimes I get a piece of “worth hair”, but because the environment has exposed privacy, Jamie’s mother will choose not to send it. Once a fan recognized the location of the video in the comment and said that your home must be nearby. She quickly deleted the comment. The content of < p > will be more strictly regulated. After some chaos, many large domestic live broadcasting platforms do not set up registration channels for minors under the age of 18, but some small platforms still have loopholes. < / P > < p > foreign video platforms are also strict. YouTube does not allow minors under the age of 13 to broadcast live without adults. For accounts that violate the regulations, the platform will automatically remove their contents. In addition, YouTube has turned off the comment function of all children’s videos. < / P > < p > in some difficult families, children’s live broadcasting may be the main source of income or a way to “get ahead”. On the fast track, 12 year old Zhejiang Yongkang boy Kwai sing was popular. In the documentary “connecting,” he said that being an anchor is an ideal, and he wants to be a musician in the future. He is the youngest one who makes the most money in his family. He pays back his mother’s credit card and his brother’s pocket money with his live singing income. < / P > < p > some people said that such a small child should not live. OWA’s mother responded, “there are so many live children in this world.” Aohua grabs the conversation with the microphone he has just sung. He says that a 5-year-old child is also live, “if he can’t live, tell me again. If he can live, you can’t talk. ” < p > < p > at the two sessions last year, the Youth Federation of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) suggested that the regulations on the protection of minors’ network should be introduced as soon as possible, and explicit prohibitive provisions should be made for minors to act as network anchors. What they worry about is the vulgar content of the live broadcast platform, the immature moral consciousness of minors and privacy worries. The voices of support and opposition coexist. The netizens who objected mainly believed that the network had penetrated into the life of contemporary children, and that the age of live broadcasting should not be one size fits all. < p > < p > in recent years, the children’s talent show “toddlers & Tiaras” broadcast in the United States in recent years has been criticized as “infamous” by the media: mia, a 2-year-old girl, dressed in a gold bra to imitate Madonna’s hot dance; another girl stuffed a breast pad and hip pad into her dress to dress as a plump female singer Dolly Parton. In order to let their children participate in the talent show, some parents do not hesitate to arrange their children’s cosmetic surgery. Their white dentures, beautiful black skin and excessive make-up are just like “hot girls” in the eyes of adults. Behind these abnormal efforts are huge commercial interests. < p > < p > although there is no such large-scale children’s beauty pageant in China, Taobao’s children’s models and “xiaoxigu” films and TV series have also been criticized for “catering to adult taste”. < p > < p > after watching the video of Zhang Lili’s daughter, some people think that the child’s speech is too mature to be naive. Zhang Lili thinks that children are growing up in electronic products. They have traveled and learned a lot since childhood. They can’t compare with those who used to play with mud and drag their noses. “It’s not just my kids who talk about adults, it’s just that they don’t find out.” < / P > < p > even so, she still doesn’t like the accounts that let children talk about jokes and talk about adults. It’s easy to find similar video scripts on the Internet. She had also been concerned about such children, and later they were taken out. “That’s because parents didn’t follow the right path.” Her daughter has participated in CCTV programs and performed sketches with stars, but her performance is not outstanding. Unlike the quick witted girl in the short video, her real-life daughter is “timid and sensitive”, and Zhang Lili knows it clearly. < / P > < p > once, after returning from the program recording, Jamie’s mother found that the child was far less open than in the short video. She enrolled in a small host class for her children to learn how to speak and behave. “His short video let me see the lack of platform.” < / P > < p > some people say that making money by making videos is making children stink with copper. “Who grew up drinking air? I have to let my daughter, too