The head of India’s government’s national bovine Council (RKA), kardilia, claimed that putting cow dung chips into mobile phones would “significantly reduce radiation” and protect people from disease. In order to deepen the concept of “made in India” and resist foreign products, the Indian government plans to release a series of local products with regional characteristics before this year’s Diwali festival, such as lamps, incense, candles and statues made of cow dung. The magic “cow dung chip” is also one of them, according to the 13 daily of India Express. Cartilla, chairman of the national cattle Committee, solemnly introduced the efficacy of the “chip”, claiming that cow dung can protect against radiation. As long as the cow dung chip is used on mobile phones, it can resist diseases, and said that “all of them have been scientifically verified”. Cadilla also said that cow dung can be regarded as a kind of “medicine”, some Bollywood actors usually eat cow dung. < / P > < p > at present, more than 500 cattle farms in India are producing the “radiation protection chip”, and the retail price is about INR 50-100 (RMB 4.5-9.1). Cadilla said the product could be sold for $10 each if exported to the United States. When asked if the product was certified by the national scientific research department, his response was “not certified, but tested.”. Recently, India’s RKA (Rashtriya kamdhu ayaog) has launched a chip made of cow dung. According to vallabhbhai kathiria, its director, the chip has been scientifically proven to work on mobile phones. Not only that, the chip can also reduce the radiation of mobile phones and prevent diseases. < / P > < p > RKA, which makes the chip, was founded in 2019 to protect, retain and develop dairy cows and their offspring. RKA, a research institute under the Ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairy products, has started a nationwide campaign to encourage the use of cow dung during festivals. < / P > < p > it is reported that the chip is called “gausatva kavach” and vallabhbhai kathiria said at the launching ceremony of a nationwide campaign to promote cow dung products: “cow dung can protect all people, it is radiation resistant. Science has shown that this is a chip that can be used in mobile phones and can reduce radiation. Using the chip will also protect humans from disease. ” < p > < p > at the promotion, vallabhbhai kathiria also talked about the recent health benefits of eating cow urine from actor Akshay Kumar and said that the actor had eaten cow dung. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure