The raspberry pie foundation today launched an interesting new product, which, as Romain dillet shows in the photo, is a raspberry PI 400 computer integrated into a compact keyboard. Although it’s priced at $70, it’s at least a quick solution for interested people to get started with the raspberry pie single board computer (SBC). Of course, if you’ve touched a playing card sized raspberry pie noumenon, the raspberry PI 400 isn’t very difficult to start with. < / P > < p > following the announcement of raspberry PI 4 last year, the raspberry pie foundation took the opportunity to launch a cute looking keyboard mouse kit. < / P > < p > if kids like to delve into it, let them use their imagination on the raspberry PI 400 terminal, or you can use it to replace the old Windows XP computers that parents use to send and receive e-mail. Compared with other keyboard and mouse products, raspberry PI 400 has built-in raspberry Pie 4 single board computer. Simply connect a few cables and you can quietly turn on the raspberry pie experience on this fanless device. < / P > < p > finally, in addition to the $70 ontology, the raspberry pie foundation will provide a $100 kit, including mouse, power adapter, HDMI micro to standard, pre formatted microSD memory card, and official beginner’s Guide. Global Tech