Kingston has occupied up to 80.33% of the world’s third-party memory module Market in 2019, the first and the 17th consecutive year of dominance! Kingston’s share was 72.17 percent in 2018, and the second largest smart modular was just 5.07 percent, while in a year, Kingston’s memory entry business revenue rose from $11.954 billion to $12.937 billion, and market share increased by 816 percent. In the memory module market, Kingston is obviously in absolute monopoly position. The share of the second to the tenth places is only 15.14%, and it has lost 6.16% in a year. Other manufacturers outside TOP10 have also handed over 2% to Kingston. Last year, the second American business Shimei’s income fell 48.60% and fell to $431million, the worst in TOP10, with its share shrinking to 2.68 percent and being squeezed to the third place. Although ramaxel also lost 38.81% of its income, the market share also declined, but it came to the second place with 2.94%. In addition to Kingston, the top ten have only two growth. One is Guangwei’s parent company, powerv, whose income increases by 8.53% annually, and its share reaches 2.29%, rising from sixth to fourth, and the other is team group, with annual income increasing by 6.25%, share of which is 0.95%, from ninth to seventh. Other manufacturers: Weigang 2.27%, KINGTEC 2.04%, creative 0.80%, Yuzhan 0.60%, Yiding international 0.056%. Global Tech