According to IGN, the famous game producer, Xiufu Kojima, the creator of “alloy equipment” and “death stranded”, is writing a book called “the creative gene”, which will be published in the autumn of 2021, focusing on exploring the artistic influence and creative inspiration of Kojima.


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Creative gene is a collection of a series of articles written by Shimao, which introduces the influence and Inspiration of his works in detail. It also involves his critical analysis of his favorite works.

Island game fans will learn from this book the impact of classic action movies on the work of game developers. The early work of Shimao mainly focused on entering the field of film production, and then turned to game development. The first version of MSX “alloy gear” was greatly influenced by the 1963 American film “the great escape”, which encouraged players to use stealth to avoid conflict instead of conducting a gun fight

Solid Snake, the protagonist of alloy gear, is also regarded as a kind of homage to snake plissken, the protagonist of the 1981 American film the New York escape. Even in the works of Shimao, there are countless metaphors of other films. Shimao even gives himself a nickname “Iroquois plissken”.