“The last survivor 2” was the biggest winner of the TGA 2020 awards ceremony yesterday, winning awards including game of the year, best narrative, best audio design, best voice actor, best action / adventure and best barrier free innovation. There will be some controversy about whether “the last survivor 2” is worthy of these awards, but foreign media Kotaku has put forward a bold view from another perspective: < / P > < p > games that work overtime like “last survivor 2” should not win the best game director award, but in fact, “last survivor 2” still won the award. < / P > < p > according to TGA’s official website, the best game director award is awarded to games with “outstanding creative vision and innovation in game direction and design”. This description makes it clear that the responsibility for winning or losing this award falls entirely on the shoulders of those who lead the development. In the last survivor 2 game, the person in charge is obviously Neil druckmann, the game director and vice president of naughty dog, who is often considered as the director behind the success of the game. It is a well-known secret that the naughty dog has made its employees suffer an incredible amount of overtime in order to make the last survivor 2 available. However, it is far from “innovation” for naughty dogs or game development. Over the years, naughty dogs have often been seen leaving because developers often work too much overtime on games like “last survivor” and “Mysteries of the sea,” then get exhausted and choose to leave. < / P > < p > a developer of last survivor 2 told Kotaku earlier this year: “this situation (heavy overtime) can’t happen again and again in every game because it’s unsustainable. At some point you realize you can’t do that anymore – I’m getting older, I can’t work all night long. ” < / P > < p > let’s be clear: the presence of severe overtime indicates leadership failure. The game director and producer should ensure that the workload is properly managed and the goals are achieved. If workers are forced to work overtime seriously, whether explicitly or otherwise, it means that the managers themselves have shortcomings in some aspects, either in squeezing the limits of employees, or in creating an environment where overtime is an implicit (if self-evident) requirement, or both. Although Neil and his project, director of last survivor 2, may be very ambitious, “dubious experiments in fields that challenge human limits” are not necessary to make a great game. < p > < p > < p > Hades is also striving for the “best game guide,” which is a great game, as good as last survivor 2, and in some ways better. Why it didn’t win the game of the year award is a topic of little interest to me (editor of Kotaku), but Hades should win the “best game director”, at least more meaningful than last survivor 2, thanks to the studio’s meaningful avoidance of overtime culture in its various projects. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park