in the evening of December 23rd, Kwai bus’s official account of the Simba bird’s nest incident was released. The personal account of Simba was closed for 60 days. Besides, the anchors of the Simba system, including the anchor of the event, were all punished by different levels of sealing up. Shortly after the dispatch of the penalty, the Guangzhou municipal market supervision authority issued the “investigation and handling of the event of Simba Kwai live”. It fined 900 thousand yuan for the company and 2 million yuan for the sales main body. < / P > < p > recently, the “Simba live feed instant bird’s nest” incident has aroused social concern. On November 4, some consumers questioned that the “Mingzhi” brand bird’s nest products promoted and sold by the anchor “Shida Meili” in the live broadcast were actually sugar water. The Kwai soon electric supplier immediately purchased the goods for inspection, and detected by CTI Hua testing agency that the content of sialic acid in the commercial bird’s nest is low (0.13g/kg). It should be “flavor bird’s nest drink”, “time is beautiful”, only by the brand name Guangzhou Rong Yu Trading Limited’s “selling card” and other contents, plus personal understanding of the commodity, and promote publicity in the broadcast room. It misleads consumers. According to Kwai Kwai shop promotion management rules, the fast supplier has finished the brand nest product, banned the “big beautiful” account electric business for 14 days, asked the director of Guangzhou and Yi Agel Ecommerce Ltd to deal with the customer service problem properly, and actively coordinated with the relevant departments to investigate, Xin Xin had a personal account number which was suspended from November 17th. < / P > < p > 1. From now on, the account number of the anchor “Shida Meili” involved in the incident will be closed for 60 days; Xin Youzhi, the person in charge of Heyi company, will be closed for 60 days if there are improper words and deeds in the live broadcast room after the incident. < / P > < p > 2. 27 e-commerce anchors of Heyi company and its affiliated companies, including maomeimei, churuixue, dandandanxiaopenyou, Chen xiaoshuo, Xu Jie, Dashao, Zhao mengche, an Ruoxi, angel anjiu, were suspended for 15 days, and the company was required to organize their e-commerce anchors for relevant training and learning.

since November, the Kwai Chung electric supplier has launched a special action to control false propaganda. It has carried out long-term governance on the false propaganda, speculation and sale of the anchor. The 10273 illegal accounts have been banned for electric business and the function of blocking accounts.

Kwai TSE will continue to increase its efforts to control false propaganda and crack down on illegal activities in the live broadcast activities, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days