despite the filter, the November 11th fast brother Kwai Ba appeared in the studio, his face slightly darkened and his lips purple. In more than ten minutes, Simba constantly adjusted the position of the swivel chair, switched on the back light, and finally turned white. In early November, Simba was shown breathing oxygen and even vomiting in the live broadcast. For a long time, high pressure, insomnia, Simba immunity decreased, and his body was rash, but he was still in the live room from time to time. A person close to Simba told the IT times that during the period of double 11, Simba still met clients and government officials on a full schedule, and the time for medical treatment was delayed. “There are 3000 people in the company to keep!” Simba often says. After 11 days, the rash was slightly gone On the live broadcast, Simba replied to the message from the IT Times reporter. Haggard and spelled are words appearing in the interactive area between live broadcast. This pair of 11, Simba family is also very hard to fight. The 23-year-old female apprentice egg is scheduled to live from 9:00 p.m. on November 10 to 12 a.m. But after 13 hours, the egg in the live broadcast directly said stomach pain, stand unstable, the speed of speech slowed down, eyes began to trance, visible fatigue. She decided to have an hour off for the next broadcast. The data show that the actual sales volume of the double 11 Simba family has exceeded 8.8 billion yuan this year, including 3.293 billion yuan, 1.307 billion yuan and 1.078 billion yuan respectively. The story seems to be familiar. Last year, Li Jiaqi, a brother of Taobao broadcast, also sacrificed social time and forced himself to live. He was afraid that one day he would stop broadcasting and fans would lose. Now the Kwai’s big anchor is also. Different from that, after the period of the epidemic, live selling goods have entered thousands of households, and more and more new people and institutions have flocked in, and the competition is more intense. A situation of tripartite confrontation Kwai old fellow in

live broadcast market. The superb northeast collocation is accompanied by a talk show speed, plus a dramatic live performance, which makes it labeled “local flavor” and infiltrates the user circles.

Kwai will go out this year. By signing up for stars like Jay Chou and Shina, buying music rights and other forms, we try to attract more young people from outside the circle. The challenge is also the opportunity, corresponding to the original family host and the new host and organization. The two sides circle the stock and look for increment, but the pressure and anxiety begin to appear.

is the first double 11 that Kwai Fu officially launched. In this bloody Jianghu, there are plans for flow and sales volume, as well as a struggle of exploration and transformation. Accumulated in the high light of data, is a fight and breakthrough. “< p > P > finally, I am free!” At 9:00 on November 11, the egg appeared in the big beautiful (hereinafter referred to as “beautiful”) live room of Simba male apprentice, and he couldn’t help shouting. She and beauty embrace each other, laugh, tears suddenly snatch the eyes. On this day, the Simba family anchor was divided into four groups to sell PK in four different segments, and the lowest sales team would be punished by ice bucket challenge. However, because the Host Zhao mengche does not pay for delivery, the competition to the third game was temporarily stopped by Simba. Then there was a picture of Simba reprimanding the disciples “no progress” in the live room. A person close to the Simba family said that although the host of Simba family is a apprentice, the host of the Simba family will interact with each other on the live broadcast, which seems to be closely related, but there is still a certain competition relationship in fact. The beautiful mentality has gone through. The starting point of the road is high, and the first show of live sales on April 8 reached 520million sales, which is higher than the 480million and 350 million achievements created by eggs and cat sisters. But when the second broadcast was broadcast, because the sales growth rate was not as high as the first one, the sales volume was less than 200million in the whole field, and the beautiful look was dignified many times. Even now, beauty can mock the bad emotional control ability and easily throw face. The live broadcast of the Jianghu is performance oriented. Kwai hung is the first runner up, and now there are two master players who sell the same beauty products at the same time, but the latter is not as well sold as the former. Therefore, the strategy is adjusted by the former, the former is the main beauty dressing, the latter is the snack food, the parity product. More disturbances and emotional fluctuations come from the live room. Kwai Wan settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. The “net storm” in the commentary area has made it difficult for the 20 year old girl to forget her mind and tried hard hard. The negative emotions accumulated left her behind the scenes, and she was only mentally active when she was on the radio. Many of the Kwai anchor hosts had similar situations. It is not surprising that a MCN institutional person is involved in this. Live broadcasters need to stay in a state of high excitement for a long time. That is the spirit of the highly interactive state. A comment in the interactive zone, a surprise in the Kwai Ting studio, may become a catalyst to stimulate the emotions of the anchors. “The quality of the fast user is relatively lower, and the situation of the anchors’ emotional loss is more likely to happen.” Fastdata data show that 87.8% Kwai user education is below undergraduate level.

is currently Kwai Tung, many of whom are twenty young players, whose academic qualifications are generally not high. Although they have entered the society early, their personality has not been smoothed. Facing all sorts of unexpected, the hosts are not robots after all. All they can do is occasionally lose control of their emotions once or twice, only to adjust their mentality silently.

is the most basic quality of anchors, and Kwai is a fast runner. Egg is a homestead, and she sleeps only four hours a day. She spent her free time in the preparation for the live broadcast such as knowing, experimenting with live products and reciting lines. Recently, she also taught herself jewelry knowledge and added a skill to her body. During the double 11 event, the workload increased dramatically, and she had not closed for more than 40 consecutive hours. During the period of double 11, the Simba family needs to broadcast 12 hours twice or three times a week. The egg is set a record of 21 hours of continuous broadcasting. “< p > P > it’s just incredible!” A broadcast professional graduate of taodepartment anchor told the IT times that although she would save effort in voice skills, she would still feel hard for the first half of a day. Unlike other platforms, in order to mobilize the desire to buy up users, Kwai’s anchors have higher intonation and faster speech. They are almost active in the form of shouting before and after linking up.

Xiao Wan had refused to remove makeup in the studio. She was afraid to expose the acne on her face. When she introduced the mask, she put it on her hands only. But in the live broadcast of the Jianghu, if they don’t move forward, they will retreat. The psychological obstacles that the hosts used to have to be removed. From grass roots to war institutions, the red people in the middle and lower reaches face a new set of rules, which are from the constraints of brands, platforms and teams. “At first, the red people were very resistant to the cooperation signing, and most of them were free and Buddhist.” Such as Kwai Chung project leader, bug told reporters. Whether a live broadcast is successful is usually the first to show the status of the hosts after the broadcast. Gmv is the most important indicator for the hosts. A live broadcast full of good-looking achievements is the business card for the subsequent investment promotion of the hosts.

talent shows itself in a beautiful host of beautiful beauty Kwai filters. Not long ago, in order to show the effect of makeup removal water live, Xiaowan used to make up in front of the lens, and not less than 5 times. In some special live broadcast, xiaowanhe and Ximei also have a brilliant history of million sales. Although they cannot compare with the achievements of more than 100 million members of the Simba family, they still choose to fight. Why do you want to fight this way? When it was not easy for the egg to cry, Mrs. Simba chuisher persuaded: “you earn more than anyone else, what else can you say hard?” This may be an answer. But more often, it is a helpless way to “spell”. Northeast Kwai Ying is also a fast anchor anchor. Since October 2018, he has accumulated about 500000 fans. Every day she sells clothes live in Guangzhou Wanjia clothing wholesale market. Each online traffic is between 40000 and 50000 people, with an average of more than 400 online users, and can sell 500-1000 pieces at a time. During the double 11 period, she can sell 3000 items a day. She remembers the days she started. There was no traffic, no sales, and in this less than 10 people live room, she was confused. In addition to the payment, there are more than 4000 yuan of rent per month. She learned to take short video clips from other hosts to suck powder and upload 15 pieces a day. Shoot, clip, upload She needs to handle every step, she just wants to be seen by more people and sell more clothes. Fortunately, she insisted. Xiaowan also experienced a period of silence. Although she has already one million fans, she has not increased a fan in the first half of the year when she joined the live broadcast of the products of wechat. Sometimes numbers are false. Will the achievements be lost? How to catch this part of the fans? They don’t know the answer. The only thing that can be done is to get more people’s praise and get more traffic support from the platform, so that more people can “see”. Spelling is a kind of obsession.

family live broadcast and high Kwai stickiness are a major feature of the fast moving platform. At present, Kwai Fu is 600 million, six of which occupy more than half of the total volume. Most of the tribute to these five families is their iron powder.

, an insider told the IT times that when Kwai Kong just launched live broadcast, fans need to enter the anchor’s personal homepage to focus on screening out users who are randomly entered. In order to improve fans’ activity and participation, family hosts tend to guide each other. The source of traffic is Simba with a fan count of over 70 million. The main hosts of the Simba family come from the northeast, and inherit the system of teachers and apprentices in the northeast culture. Simba led in the door, diversion is the first step, and the patriarchal symbol also made many disciples call him “father”. In addition to calling fans to pay attention to the family hosts in the live broadcast room, the live broadcast of lovers can also make fans of the same family broadcast integrate.

, on the other hand, how can new organizations and new anchor Kwai be quickly attracted attention? The answer from the bug is to announce a relationship. Before the double 11 event, Xiaowan announced her love. After this first live broadcast, the small Wan live room than usual more than a thousand viewers. The purchase flow is still a way for new people to choose. “Now, the cost of controlling single powder is no longer the biggest obstacle. The average cost of single powder is about 1.5 yuan, and the head anchor will not even exceed 1 yuan.” Worms told the IT times. It is also a curve for Han. In 2018, double 11, such as Han Net red Zhang Dayi created a half hour result of Taobao store to bring 100 million goods, and the outside world expects to be like Han’s next “Zhang Dayi”. Kwai Kwai’s original hatching the climate does not suit one. The Han has also chosen to cooperate with the fast head net red to contract the fee. But then the head anchor was selling goods, and even Kwai Kwai’s business was stopped after last March. As shown in the financial report of Han in 2017-2019, Zhang Dayi’s store revenue accounts for the total revenue proportion respectively