Lamborghini works with Master & dynamic to develop new premium headphones and earplugs. The series includes mw65 active noise reduction wireless headset and mw07 plus true wireless headset. Both incorporate elements inspired by the Lamborghini supercar. The initial line includes silver metal, light grey and yellow Alcantara headphones. In addition, black metal with black and yellow Alcantara and black metal with black and grey Alcantara are also available. The series also features mw07 plus acetate headphones with a charging box that matches the color of Lamborghini matte paint. < / P > < p > this headset comes in three colors: polished white with matte silver, polished black with matte black shell, and matte black with matte black shell. All models use Lamborghini & quot; Y & quot; design. In addition to the special Lamborghini style, this headset has the same function as other models already on the market. Mw65 active noise reduction wireless Spring Festival headset has two active noise reduction modes, which can be customized according to the sound environment. They feature a battery life of up to 24 hours, and Bluetooth 5.0 supports connectivity 100 feet from the sound source device. The mw07 plus wireless headset has a 10 mm beryllium driver to improve sound quality, and a stainless steel charging box provides 40 hours of battery life. < / P > < p > the Lamborghini premium headset and earplug collection was launched on November 20 and can be purchased directly from master & dynamic or Lamborghini online stores. The mw65 automobili Lamborghini headset costs $549. The mw07 plus mobili Lamborghini wireless headset costs $349. Both can be purchased immediately. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region