LanChi technology recently said in the investor research report that in 2019, the company has completed the production of ddr5 first generation RCD and DB chip engineering samples that meet JEDEC standard. These engineering samples will be sent to the company’s main customers and partners for testing and evaluation in the second half of 2019. The company plans to complete the development of ddr5 first generation memory interface and its supporting chips in mass production by 2020, The actual production time depends on the maturity of server ecology.

according to the introduction, at present, the main wafer foundry manufacturers the company cooperates with are TSMC and Fujitsu electronics, and the main packaging and testing manufacturers are Starcom Jinpeng and Sipin technology.

in the survey, the company introduced the development goal in the next three years, which is to improve the market position and influence of the company in the subdivided industries through continuous R & D innovation, and explore new business growth points. Among them, in the field of interface chips, on the one hand, the company will continue to consolidate the market leading position of memory interface chip business, complete the research and development and industrialization of the first generation ddr5 memory interface chip and related supporting chips; in addition, the company will actively develop and industrialize the relevant chips related to PCIe.