Mobile phones can also use lane level navigation! On October 30, Huawei held a new generation of flagship Huawei mate 40 series mobile phones launch ceremony, and provided high-precision positioning capabilities in the navigation applications of smart phones. Based on its own high-precision map data and the positioning ability of Huawei’s location kit, Gaode map application has truly implemented the high-precision positioning and high-precision map technology previously mainly used in automatic driving vehicles on smart phones. It is also the first lane level navigation service provided to users through smart phones in the industry. < / P > < p > at the same time, Huawei P40 series, Huawei mate XS and glory 30 Pro Series mobile phones can also be upgraded to the new version of v10.70 to experience the lane level navigation service. < / P > < p > the so-called Lane level navigation is that in the process of using the navigation, Gaode map Lane level navigation can restore the real road scene with high precision. When it is necessary to change lanes, such as near turning intersections or high-speed ramps, Gaode map can provide more detailed Lane level action guidance, reduce the user’s difficulty in understanding the navigation, and improve driving safety. < / P > < p > if the user is driving on a high speed, the lane level navigation will give the user accurate reminders based on different speed limits of different lanes. At the same time, in the bus lane, emergency lane, long real line and other scenarios, Gaode map can also remind users to avoid illegal driving. Global Tech