“There is no front spirit, not just canyon. There is no front in the direction of the heart. ” On the night of October 31, the giant billboard above the city store of Jing’an Temple in Shanghai flashed the words above. It’s a foregone conclusion that the winner will be defeated by the enemy. That night, after more than three hours of fierce confrontation, the SN team with home advantage lost to the DWG team 1:3. After ig and FPX teams won two consecutive titles for LPL division (China Division), the old overlord of s competition, Lck division (South Korea Division) of DWG regained a city again. < p > < p > in the second game, bin, a single player in the SN team, won five kills with the role of Jianji, which was also the first five kills in the history of the League of heroes in the history of the finals. However, this “day show” operation failed to reverse the situation. Before this season, the best result of this young team was only the second runner up in Xi’an station of demacia cup winter competition in 2018. Sn belongs to “No.3 seed” in LPL, which is quite different from Lck’s “No.1 seed” DWG in competition experience. “The operation of the DWG is as perfect as a robot,” said one commentator at the final. < p > < p > although the results are regrettable, the influence of E-sports events represented by the League of heroes in China is self-evident. From the government, enterprises to ordinary players, more and more people realize that E-sports is no longer a simple game, but a highly ornamental and commercial value of sports. < / P > < p > “without Shanghai, there would be no S10 this year.” Said Nicolo Laurent, CEO of fist games, the organizer of the event. Under the impact of the new crown epidemic, a large number of international game exhibitions, including Los Angeles E3 game exhibition and Blizzard carnival, were forced to cancel, and S10 was particularly rare to be held as scheduled. < p > < p > a year ago, the vice mayor of Paris handed the “Summoner crystal” as a symbol of the e-sports to Shanghai, which means that the host city has completed the handover. On the eve of the S10 finals, the crystal was placed on the base with Shanghai let’s meet. When the crystal lights up, the lights on both sides of the Huangpu River are on at the same time, and the whole city is covered in the sea of S10 symbolic red and blue lights. < / P > < p > the global finals is the highest level international E-sports event of the League of heroes. This year is the 10th year of the competition held, and it is also the first time that the finals of the s competition are held in Shanghai. During the national day, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, every one hundred or two hundred meters walk, will meet with the “2020 heroes League finals” words of the electric competition covers, attracting many tourists to stop and take pictures. Shanghai is the first time to speed up the construction of “global capital” P >, which is the first time that the “global capital” has been put forward. In July this year, a group of data released by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of press and publication showed that in 2019, Shanghai’s online game sales revenue reached 80.2 billion yuan, a growth rate of more than 12%, accounting for more than 30% of the national game sales revenue in the same year. < / P > < p > “Shanghai has always had a strong E-sports foundation, including a series of support including its technology industry, industrial chain distribution and venues, as well as very enthusiastic players.” In an interview with first finance and economics, Lin Song, head of fist game China and co CEO of tengjing sports, explained why Shanghai became the host of the finals. It is reported that on the night of October 31, about 12000 people were packed into SAIC Pudong football field, which can accommodate up to 37000 people. The qualification of watching the finals will be issued by lottery. Players only need to provide at least 30 level QQ account of League of heroes, and they can obtain a total of 6312 tickets for free. However, players’ enthusiasm for watching the game at home far exceeded the official imagination. On the day of registration, the number of participants exceeded 1.65 million. It is reported that, in the case of hard to get one ticket, the original free tickets were fried by the scalpers to more than 30000 yuan. < p > < p > there is no doubt that Tencent plays the role of the general director behind the scenes in this competition. As one of the world’s largest online game companies, Tencent not only owns highly popular and competitive mobile games such as king’s glory and peace elite, but also acquired the PC game of League of heroes, which has accumulated profound experience in the e-sports industry. In 2015, Tencent bought all the shares of “hero alliance” developer fist game, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary. According to the financial report, Tencent’s online game revenue will increase by 10% to RMB 114.7 billion in 2019, accounting for 30% of the company’s total revenue. Although from the perspective of revenue contribution, E-sports is only a small business unit within Tencent, but in recent years, Tencent’s frequent actions in E-sports show its development potential. < p > < p > 2016 is a key time node. Tencent first followed the LPL model and built the first KPL tournament system in September. At the end of the same year, Tencent established Tencent e-sports, and included this business segment with games, animation, reading group, Tencent film and Tencent music into the “new cultural and creative” digital content industry matrix. More importantly, with the help of Tencent’s e-sports, LPL has launched a “alliance” reform similar to NBA, such as the cancellation of promotion and demotion competition system, the integrated business + operation + communication mode, etc. With the increasing number of clubs, E-sports represented by LPL will further approach the commercial operation rules of traditional sports events. < p > < p > last year, Tencent’s E-sports alliance achieved a new milestone. In January 2019, Tencent mutual entertainment and fist game jointly established China’s first independent E-sports event company, tengjing sports, which marks that the alliance system of LPL is standardized in the form of corporatization. Under the background of the growth bottleneck of the daily live data of the game itself of “League of heroes”, Tencent’s response is to talk about the event without the game and regard the e-sports event as an independent IP operation. < p > < p > according to the 2020 global e-sports industry development report released by Penguin think tank, there were about 26 million new E-sports users in China during the epidemic period, of which 7% of the users first came into contact with E-sports events during the closed period of their homes. Penguin Zhiku investigated the new users and found that 78% of the new users had a certain degree of interest in e-sports, and the new users brought by the epidemic period are expected to achieve a high proportion of retention. < p > < p > in order to attract such new users or relatively mild game players, Tencent video invited actor Luo Yunxi as the guest in the finals. In addition, the champion team of the talent show “tomorrow’s children band season” can be seen in the live broadcast room. < / P > < p > not only Tencent, but also other video websites and live platforms are targeting this growing group. Previously, Bili Bili (hereinafter referred to as station B) has reached a strategic cooperation with fist game, and won the copyright of live broadcast flat in mainland China for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022 in the global finals of League of heroes. But in August this year, station B announced that it would distribute the live broadcasting rights to penguin E-sports and tiger tooth Betta. < / P > < p > “a company with a stake in Tencent buys the exclusive competition from another company fully controlled by Tencent, and then distributes it to Tencent’s and will soon become Tencent’s three platforms.” A B station user joked in the message area. It is worth mentioning that tiger teeth and Betta signed a merger agreement in October, and Penguin E-sports will integrate with the merged tiger teeth and Betta businesses. After the merger, the entrance of E-sports traffic will be held more firmly in Tencent’s hands. < / P > < p > also worthy of attention are the sponsors of this competition. According to official sources, during the S7 period three years ago, there were only five partners in the global finals of the League of heroes. This year, the list is much longer: bright mosleyan, Wahaha, zhanma and KFC are official partners in China; oppo MasterCard is a global partner; Suning e-buy, Pudong development credit card, nut projection, roehl and Intel Logitech G are special cooperation in China partner. < / P > < p > “people are increasingly enthusiastic about e-sports, and have the potential to surpass other major global sports events. We are very happy to work with the League of heroes to bring a new experience and customized benefits to this world’s largest E-sports event. ” Said Raja rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at MasterCard. As the first global sponsor of the series, the payment technology company has sponsored a wide range of sports and entertainment events, including the Champions League, Cannes Film Festival and Grammy Awards. < / P > < p > there are also e-commerce platforms. Suning’s Sn team was formerly known as TBG. In 2016, Suning Wenchuang, a subsidiary of Suning e-buy, completed the overall acquisition of Longzhu live broadcast, and acquired TBG team, which was renamed Suning team, and was incorporated into Suning sports at the beginning of last year. In the LPL League at that time, most of the teams got financial support from individual investors, and few enterprises entered the league. As the first person to eat crabs, Suning, which started from the wholesale of electrical appliances and mainly engaged in e-commerce retail business, saw the wind, and entrusted the e-sports business of Suning to Longzhu live. Suning has always attached great importance to professional sports events. In 2018, Suning collected the exclusive all media copyright of the Premier League in 2019-2022 with a high price of $721 million, which set a record for the Premier League overseas copyright fee. < / P > < p > in addition, investment in E-sports can “bring goods” for 3C products such as computers and game machines. Previously, Suning’s semi annual report for 2020 showed that 3C products represented by communications, digital computers and black electric products accounted for about 40% of Suning’s total business revenue. < p > < p > of course, JD will not miss this opportunity. Almost at the same time, JD completed the acquisition of QG team and renamed it JD gaming. The logic of these two old competitors in the e-commerce industry is similar to that of the e-sports track. Each time the two teams meet each other, they will become new talks. In the quarter finals of the global finals of the League of heroes on October 16, the JDG team of Jingdong lost to Suning team 1:3. Netizens once ridiculed the idea of “unloading Jingdong to Suning”, but now it’s Suning’s turn to be ridiculed by the group. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that LGD team, which was defeated in the S10 group competition, was named by Guizhou laogandao Food Co., Ltd., which was previously listed on the Internet; ES team, founded in Wuhan, is the first state-owned club in China, backed by Wuhan tourism development group; the investors behind OMG team are the fledglings of listed companies which are praised as “the first share of pig raising in China” by the industry Eagle farming group Although the S10 event has ended, the high degree of discussion on League of heroes will continue to be maintained. On October 27, the mobile game of the League of heroes was open to the public test in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, but the national service still needs to wait for some time. < p > < p > there are many netizens sneaking away from the international service. The discussion caused by mobile games once made the related topics on microblog hot search. It is reported that compared with end-user games, mobile games are not much different in terms of skill mechanism, equipment system, heroic characteristics and roulette operation. For Tencent, after five years of “King’s glory” has done enough, it is time to need a new game to hit the market.