According to a leaked Crytek document, Crytek developed Warface 2 evolution, which was cancelled in January 2019. According to the slide file, “war front 2: evolution” was initially developed in the first quarter of 2016, alpha PVP testing in the third quarter of 2017, and beta beta beta testing in the second quarter of 2018. Crytek originally planned to make war front 2: evolution a complete competitive game, but its positioning is different from other competitive games on the market. < p > < p > Crytek thinks that Rainbow Six: siege is more difficult, while watch vanguard is too fast. The final plan is to make war front 2 a game similar to CS: go, with simple pictures and control, and a more advanced krypton gold strategy. There are war and PvP >, PVP >. The universe of war front 2 is based on project 2045, which is a popular existing plan. The goal is to go online within 30 years, basically by uploading human consciousness scanning to a digital world, so that human beings can live forever. < / P > < p > once your mind is immortal, it can later be linked to a body, organism or robot. Many films and books have followed this trend, such as “machie” and “super hacker”. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days