On Saturday local time, also Batman day, Lego announced the launch of a new batsuit, Batman 1989 batwing, from Tim Burton’s first Batman movie. < / P > < p > in Burton’s film, Batman flies his batwing fighter to deal with the clown’s deadly balloon as he invades Gotham’s 200th anniversary parade. The balloon is filled with a chemical called smylex, which can kill everyone in the parade. < / P > < p > the new Batman 1989 batwing suit has 2363 building blocks in total. The assembled fighter is 11cm high, 52cm long and 22cm wide. In addition, it has three LEGO miniatures, Batman, clown and a clown follower with a retro portable radio box. < / P > < p > the bat wing fighter has an open cockpit, a clear removable cover and an aerodynamic flap that can be installed. In addition, it is equipped with micro machine guns and rocket launchers. < / P > < p > some Batman movie Easter eggs also appear in the suit, such as a screen with a clown balloon and a bat engine tag that can be attached to a bat wing fighter engine. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region