“It’s a very interesting challenge for us to recreate an extreme core car like McLaren Senna GTR with LEGO technology,” said UWE Wabra, a senior LEGO designer < / P > < p > Wabra continued: “this racetrack car is different from any road car I’ve ever made before. It has some unique details, such as its contour and rear spoiler, which are different from other building experiences. Just as McLaren’s engineers did when designing their supercar, we really pushed things to the maximum, so the final model perfectly respects the artistic form of McLaren Senna GTR. ” The LEGO technology McLaren Senna GTR package will be released in January 2021. By then, consumers will be able to find its presence on Lego’s website, Lego stores around the world and other third-party retailers around the world. It is reported that the price of this product is about 50 US dollars. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone