Today (September 16), the official blog of island studio shared “several tips on photography and photography mode”. This time, Pete Rowbottom, British landscape photographer of the year in 2018, will introduce these skills to you. The following is an official introduction in Chinese. < / P > < p > tip 1: “less is more”. When you take a picture, first choose the object you want to shoot and try to remove everything around it. They may affect your attention. Choose what you want to shoot, less is more, and eliminate unnecessary elements. < / P > < p > tip 2: “change perspective”, always look for different perspective angles, and don’t always shoot from a normal standing angle, because everyone sees the world in this way. To show a different perspective, you can lower the angle or raise the angle. Your photos will surprise people and make people feel unique. < / P > < p > tip 3: “don’t stand still.” once you’ve selected the subject, move back and forth. Don’t settle for the first place. Look around to see how the subject interacts with the landscape. It may look better off a dark or brighter background. < / P > < p > tip 4: “leave a mark so you can come back again.” if you find a lovely place, but the weather is bad, you can leave a sign to go back to the same place, choose a good day and create a perfect picture. < / P > < p > tip 5: “post, post, post”. Don’t be afraid to use the tools provided by the game in photo mode. Among them, the game function is very good. You can change the exposure and add filters to improve your photos through different functions. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today