Amazon said on its website that sustainable packaging is the company’s top priority. It will use less packaging materials and is trying to reduce packaging to accommodate more orders from consumers. According to the company, its team of engineers has calculated how much material it can take out of cartons on the basis of ensuring that each item is delivered intact to consumers.

according to him, when goods are packaged with less and lighter materials and the right size to protect the goods from damage, they can pack more orders in each delivery, which can reduce travel and reduce fuel combustion – all of which can minimize their carbon footprint. Amazon wrote: “we are committed to sustainable development because we care about the earth. We remain firmly committed to our climate commitment – our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2040. ”

but Amazon says it needs help from consumers to recycle it. But if you’re not ready to throw them into the recycling bin, Amazon offers some other interesting ways to reuse its Amazon wrapping cartons.