Although more and more people have eaten “crabs” and feel delicious, more and more consumers are still in a wait-and-see state, which can be seen from the sales volume of electric vehicles. < / P > < p > previously, a friend said that if the single battery of an electric vehicle can reach 800km, he would consider buying an electric vehicle. Now, it’s time to fulfill the promise. < p > < p > on October 30, at the EP Club (the most high-end user club in the brand of Weilai), Li Bin of Weilai said that Weilai is currently developing a 150 degree battery pack, and the range of electric vehicles will exceed 900km. < / P > < p > even compared with the fuel-saving and energy-saving Japanese hybrid electric vehicle, the mileage of one battery of Weilai can even exceed the mileage of one tank of oil of its hybrid electric vehicle. < / P > < p > the mileage of a single battery of electric vehicles has exceeded that of most fuel vehicles and hybrid vehicles. It can be said that for electric vehicles, it is also a milestone event. < / P > < p > in addition, many people in the industry are optimistic about the power exchange mode created by Weilai. In the later stage, if the quantity and quality can be guaranteed to a good level, the driving range and charging anxiety of Weilai car owners will be greatly reduced. It is reported that Weilai currently has three battery packs of 70kwh, 84kwh and 100kwh for consumers to choose from, and the 100kwh battery pack will be available in the fourth quarter of 2020. < / P > < p > according to the battery replacement strategy of Weilai, the size of the 150 degree battery pack to be launched in the future will probably be the same as that of the current battery pack. At the same time, the new battery pack may be announced on NiO day in 2020, together with the first car et7 of Weilai. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure