“The beauties have a good look. I’ll change the song with my hand. Isn’t it convenient?” Late at night, Li Jiaqi, the first brother of Taobao, wore the black technology Sunglasses jointly launched by gentle monster and Huawei in his live studio, talking and demonstrating. In this new program called “new + 7 show”, Li Jiaqi does not sell goods, only recommends brand products. Li Jiaqi, who has been in Shanghai for four years, has been constantly bringing forth new ideas in the form of “bringing goods out of the circle”. “I’ve tried at least 100000 beauty products. If there is a chance in the future, I still want to be a personal brand belonging to Li Jiaqi. I want to let Chinese brands stand shoulder to shoulder with first-line brands in the mall. ” Li Jiaqi looks forward to her future. < / P > < p > “the first day I saw a transparent TV set on the Internet, I told my colleagues if I could buy it. I was pleasantly surprised when it appeared in our company the next day. ” Through the traditional territory of millet transparent TV, the first finished product was on the “+ 7 new product show”. < p > < p > and Li Jiaqi, the co branded sunglasses of gentle monster and Huawei, was also the only anchor who got the full series of 13 models on that day. < / P > < p > “you can think of it as a new variety show.” Li Jiaqi said that “+ 7 new product show” is a new content form derived from live broadcast with goods. “I think Li Jiaqi’s live room is not just a place for sales, nor a place to show how much money I can sell, but a place to show people’s feelings, love and company. So I think the “new + 7 show” is the same. What I need is to give you new information, new trends and a column that I will learn with you. ” < / P > < p > generally speaking, a brand is recommended in the first phase of “new product show of + 7”, which is a big brand hot new product at home and abroad, commonly known as “big new hot”. “A large part of my fans are white-collar women. They want to know the latest fashion product information, so we made this program,” Li Jiaqi said. “Girls can experience whether the product is good or not under the impression of live broadcast room and my description before the product is launched.” < / P > < p > in a short year, the office of Meijian company where Li Jiaqi works moved from the grand flat floor to a single office building; the background of the live broadcasting room has also been updated from a simple red wall to a “Li Jiaqi live studio” with a luminous logo; with the increase of camera space, the product display space of Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast is not limited to a few square meters in front of the desk; the selection team behind the scenes is also updating and iterating Joined the company’s first “QC (quality inspection) team”. In 2016, Li Jiaqi came to Shanghai. In the “double 11” of 2018, Li Jiaqi sold 15000 Lipsticks in 5 minutes. In February 2019, Li Jiaqi’s “OMG! Buy it, buy it, buy it The sound of the tiktok is red. Before and after the “double 11” in 2019, Li Jiaqi’s popularity has made a qualitative leap. The live content has been on hot search frequently, and the name of “Taobao No.1 brother” has been launched. In 2020, when the “618” is greatly promoted, Li Jiaqi said frankly that “it is busier than last year’s double 11”. < / P > < p > “I’ve tried at least 100000 products. If there is a chance in the future, I still want to be a personal brand belonging to Li Jiaqi. I want to let Chinese brands stand side by side with first-line brands in shopping malls, because I find that in the past two years, China’s supply chain, factories, R & D and design, as well as some unique components, are very powerful. ” < / P > < p > “I hope Jiaqi’s live room is also a miniature of Shanghai, because Shanghai is the city of fashion. It’s very fashionable, very fast, very innovative and independent. The items I want to present to you in Jiaqi live room are the same.” Li Jiaqi said.

“your price is more expensive in the essence of Chinese products. 30ml costs 389 yuan, plus a little money can buy some famous brands.” < / P > < p > “you should keep up with the supply, otherwise I recommend it to fans, and there will be a gap in the supply. For example, if you don’t come for three or four months or five or six months, you will forget this brand.” < p > < p > in the early years, Shanghai’s beauty brands helped Li Jiaqi grow up, and Li Jiaqi, who was out of the circle, was also promoting the development of the brand. Today, from packaging materials, to mouth red, and even sponge puff materials, many cooperative brands will ask Li Jiaqi for advice before mass production. As “the first brother of Taobao”, Li Jiaqi witnessed the rise of Shanghai as “the first city of brand live broadcasting” in four years. Li Jiaqi laughs that some Chinese brands have grown up.

“I am so proud of the fact that Hua Xizi’s birds, birds, Phoenix, eye shadow plates and carving lipsticks are being reported by foreign media and searched in Japan. Japanese people will say this is not a work of art? Is this cosmetic? And then say it’s too beautiful or something. I’ll feel so happy. ” < / P > < p > Shanghai is not only a city of new brand entrepreneurship, but also a rising city of old domestic brands. According to the data, in the past year, there were 52 time-honored brands on tmall, with an annual turnover of over 100 million. Shanghai occupied 17 seats, accounting for one-third of the total, the largest in China. < / P > < p > “I think for some domestic products, I used to only help them find good products and then recommend them to consumers. Now I’m a little bit like their marketing director or product manager, giving advice on the packaging, selling price, marketing methods and so on. ” Li Jiaqi said, “I also spend a lot of time meeting with brands to create new products with them. I will give some suggestions for a new product.” On May 15, LEGO Group launched the “LEGO Monkey King” series in Shanghai. Almost at the same time, Lego Monkey King series has entered Li Jiaqi’s live studio to make a special debut. < / P > < p > “I am very grateful to the brand side for taking Li Jiaqi’s live studio as the starting place of the product. The brand side is choosing the camp for the brand’s debut, including some star guests invited. They will consider whether the brand is in line with the people’s temperament. In addition, there are some more suitable factors. Therefore, there are a lot of factors to consider when starting a brand. ” Li Jiaqi thinks. < / P > < p > in 2020, when offline sales are generally impacted, the live broadcasting room has become the traffic dividend highland in the eyes of brands, and more and more brands take the live broadcast room as the first place of products. < / P > < p > “in terms of layout, personnel, venue and display effect, the first product in the live broadcasting room is very convenient, and it also faces more people.” Li Jiaqi said, “the choice of the starting place of brand products is particularly important, whether online or offline, once the launch is unsuccessful, the follow-up efforts will be more inadequate.”

“for example, if a lipstick is listed, their first place will choose an art museum in Shanghai, where they can make the display very beautiful, then invite a lot of industry teachers, KOL and experts to discuss, exchange and trial products. That’s one of the reasons why we’re going to start in Shanghai In Li Jiaqi’s opinion, Shanghai can become the first place of many brands’ new products because it is tolerant of new things and has many elites. < p > < p > since 2020, a series of supporting policies, such as the “online new economy” policy and the “May 5 Shopping Festival”, have laid a solid foundation for the title of “the first city of brand live broadcasting” in Shanghai. < p > < p > according to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce and Taobao data, among the first tier cities in China, Shanghai’s Taobao live broadcast has become the first in China in terms of the number of users watched and the scale of various brand participation. < / P > < p > “since I came to Shanghai in 2016, I feel that I have come to the right place.” Li Jiaqi told reporters, “the name of” the first city of brand live broadcasting “is worthy of its name. I welcome more Internet marketers to come to Shanghai to bring new forms of sales together and make progress with this city. Shanghai has been very helpful to my career. The leaders and the government have a lot of help for Jiaqi studio, because they often come to our company to do research, and sometimes they will work with us to solve some problems of live delivery and give us a lot of advice. ” On June 29, four years later, according to the official website of Chongming district government of Shanghai, Li Jiaqi was listed in the list of the first batch of special talents introduced and settled in Chongming District in 2020. < / P > < p > Shanghai’s brand aggregation and talent bonus are related to each other’s achievements. In Li Jiaqi’s view, the gathering of first-line brand leaders, KOL and fashion industry insiders in Shanghai is his natural advantage in communicating with the brand side. < / P > < p > “I am very grateful to Shanghai for its opportunities. L’Oreal, Estee Lauder and LVMH are headquartered in Shanghai in China, and the heads of many first-line international brands are also in Shanghai. Maybe they chose Shanghai because the people in Shanghai are more tolerant. Secondly, Shanghai people are more fashionable. They also want to taste new things, so many brands will choose to launch in Shanghai. Our studio is in Shanghai, so many brands will communicate with us closely. ” As the first anchor to take goods and make-up out of the circle, Li Jiaqi has a deep feeling. < / P > < p > in the early years, live delivery with goods was regarded as the online version of “price competition”. With the development of live delivery industry, fine operation has become the “killer mace” of the industry, so talents are particularly important. < / P > < p > “it seems that the threshold of our industry is low, but in fact, our real” killer card “is fine operation, which requires a lot of talents. Li Jiaqi settled in Shanghai as a special talent, which also let more live e-commerce talents see the hope of long-term development in Shanghai, and promote more high-quality talents to enter the industry. ” Worry free media president Li Lin thinks. < / P > < p > “I think it is every anchor’s dream to become Li Jiaqi. Although it can’t be copied, I think there may be some new paths and opportunities to reach their present level.” Wang Xiang culture’s anchor clearly thinks so. < / P > < p > “is to seek good welfare for all girls. Even if I really want to sleep, I still have to finish my work. I still want to let everyone buy the best things in 618, double 11 and double 12. ” Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen