This year’s double 11, e-commerce live broadcast promoted a substantial increase in transaction volume, but at the same time, there were various product quality, after-sales returns and other problems. On November 20, the “analysis report on public opinion on consumer rights protection of” double 11 “released by the China Consumer Association pointed out that dense slot points and high popularity are the biggest characteristics of public opinion in the online and offline consumption fields of this year’s” double 11 “. The monitoring found that during the “double 11” promotion this year, the negative consumption information mainly focused on live delivery and unreasonable rules. Make complaints about

live broadcast customer is hot, but a lot of businesses who only focus on traffic and expand sales volume do not have corresponding after-sales service system. At the same time, the definition of responsibility between businessmen and anchor is not clear, and customer service is “kicking” when customer service problems are encountered, which leads consumers to watch the Tucao. And cited a typical case: Li Jiaqi Live Room “buy not allow to change.”. A consumer Post said, “Li Jiaqi, what’s your live room operation? The first time the car overturned, it was just selling, regardless of after-sales? What do you mean if you don’t want to buy it? What’s the robbery in the studio? Cost so much effort to rob, the result appears quality problem, let me return goods not let me change prevaricate me? How dare I shop in the studio? ” The analysis report also pointed out that during the “double 11” period, the promotion routine was complicated and the calculation was too deep, and the “wool” people were often “cut leeks”. The public opinions related to promotion rules focus on three aspects: < / P > < p > first, e-commerce selectively pushes coupons accurately; the platform uses algorithm technology to “portrait” different types of consumer data and tailor-made goods and services that understand you better. Old users see more expensive prices than new users, or search results are less than new users. Consumers who suffer losses will make complaints about the Internet through Tucao.

two is the “no longer” payment can not be used to make complaints about the reduction of coupons, no tail payment can not be refunded, payment must be boiled to the early morning, double 11 can not refund the “hard rule” triggered by the “Tucao” heat for a longer time. < p > < p > < p > Third, such as calculation of full deduction, allowance, red envelope, merger purchase and other comparable mathematical test questions, raise the time cost of consumers, reduce the convenience experience, and lead to the decline of enthusiasm of “balance payers”.

“stay up the latest night, grab the cheapest goods, and apply the most expensive mask!” “I feel like I am being played by the game,” make complaints about the promotion routine and the rules of the business. As a rapid development form of online shopping in recent years, the market scale of live e-commerce industry has been expanding. In 2019, the market scale of China’s live e-commerce industry has reached 443.75 billion yuan; in the first half of 2020, the transaction scale of live e-commerce reached 456.12 billion yuan, which has exceeded the full scale of 2019. It is estimated that the market scale of live e-commerce will reach 971.2 billion yuan in 2020. Global Tech