According to its disclosure, Apple has reduced its carbon footprint by 35%, and by 2030, it will be 100% carbon neutral, including supply chains and products. < / P > < p > Apple recycled 100% rare earth and tungsten elements in tapticengine, and cut off the USB power adapter of Apple watch. This approach is defined by Apple as an environmental choice, and it is a correct move. < p > < p > Apple released the new Apple watch series 6 and apple watch se today. In order to reduce the packaging, apple delivered the new Apple watch model without power adapter for the first time. The new Apple watch will continue to be shipped with a 1-meter long magnetic charging cable, but the 5W power adapter previously included with the watch is not in the box. There are rumors that Apple also plans to cancel the power adapter for iPhone models, which can save money while protecting the environment. < / P > < p > however, today’s new iPad air will continue to have a power adapter. It includes a new 20W usb-c power adapter that can be used with a new usb-c interface that replaces the lightning interface. The eighth generation low-cost iPad comes with the same 20W power adapter and a usb-c to lightning cable for charging. < / P > < p > Apple released its annual environmental progress report in July, which explained in detail how the company continued its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. Apple can claim that their data centers, distribution centers, retail stores, and corporate offices run on 100% renewable energy. Global Tech