in November 5th this year, a Kwai Kong prospectus application document seems to have become the watershed of the domestic direct seeding industry. Before that, the mobile video market grew at a high speed, the epidemic situation accelerated the industrial adjustment, the wave of live broadcasting with goods quickly became popular, the whole people participated in live broadcasting, the big V of the Internet was constantly emerging, and the Giants increased their weight. After the

submitted the listing application, all kinds of voices of doubt about the live Kwai came. Star anchor swipe orders, high return rate, fake disputes and other incidents occur frequently. Wang Hai’s crackdown on counterfeit goods, Simba’s “sugar water bird’s nest” incident, and Luo Yonghao’s selling of fake woolen sweaters will bring new climax. We must examine the “false prosperity” of e-commerce. < / P > < p > in the wave of public denunciation, Simba and Luo Yonghao finally made the compensation decision of “triple compensation” and made a public apology. The latest development is that Guangzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau has imposed a fine of 900000 yuan on Guangzhou Heyi e-commerce Co., Ltd., which is set up by Simba. However, this also means that Simba is basically free from criminal risks. Then the Kwai bus also made a penalty for the Sinba family. < / P > < p > all of a sudden, many star big V talk about “broadcast” color change, small and medium-sized with goods bloggers are also rapidly adjusting live broadcast strategy, and even choose to temporarily stop broadcasting to avoid the limelight. How will the

market environment affect the Kwai IPO process? Kwai Kong is expected to go to Hong Kong in February 5th next year, and the target is 50 billion dollars, according to a recent report from domestic media. Since then, the South China Morning Post quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that if everything goes according to plan, Kwai can be listed in Hongkong at the end of January.

has no response to these rumors, Kwai Fu official. Is the capital market revaluation? Whether the Kwai can finish IPO according to the previous plan is still to be observed. Before

IPO, Kwai Kwai released a set of electricity supplier data: in August this year, the order of the fast seller’s electricity supplier exceeded 500 million orders. Over the past 12 months, the total amount of Kwai TSE’s cumulative orders is second only to Taobao Tmall, Jingdong and many spells, becoming the fourth pole of the electricity supplier industry, and is still growing rapidly.

‘s quick hand prospectus also reveals a group of Kwai Kwai’s report cards: the source of fast hand income mainly includes three parts: live broadcast, online marketing services and other businesses (including e-commerce, online games and other value-added services).

from 2017 to 2019, Kwai live broadcast business revenue was 7 billion 900 million yuan, 18 billion 600 million yuan and 31 billion 400 million yuan. In the first 6 months of 2020, Kwai live broadcast business revenue reached 17 billion 300 million yuan. However, the proportion of live broadcast revenue is decreasing year by year, which are 95.3%, 91.7%, 80.4% and 68.5% respectively.

Kwai is a fast developing business in recent years. Prospectus shows that the GMV promoted by the Kwai Tat platform increased from 96 million 600 thousand yuan in 2018 to 59 billion 600 million yuan in 2019, and increased from 3 billion 400 million yuan in the first half of 2019 to 109 billion 600 million yuan in the first half of 2020.

although the live Kwai has not yet made the main revenue, the prospectus shows that the proportion of electricity providers and online games and other value-added services accounted for 3.2%.

, it is self-evident that the Kwai Fu business is the foundation of its business. Because the fast broadcast platform is an important source of income, and even the main fans of Kwai Mai PK and fans are rewarded.

is on the top of the list. The anchor will read his name in the live broadcast, thanking the fans and giving him the attention, and then go to Kwai Mai. It is reported that many of the local tyrants who have spent thousands of dollars in the live broadcast room are e-commerce practitioners. In this way, they get traffic attention from the online Red anchor room, and then start the sales business.

quick hand also quoted AI consulting data in the IPO file. As of June 30, 2020, Kwai Kwai is the largest live broadcast platform on average worldwide with the monthly payment of virtual gifts and live broadcast. It is the second live short video platform with an average monthly active user number, and a second live live e-commerce platform.

Kwai’s short video platform to develop e-commerce business, the first pain is that the electricity supplier can not be traded in the body, can only earn sales commission. Kwai Kwai and Jingdong are in the same marriage on the eve of 618 this year. Users need not jump again, they can buy Jingdong products directly in the fast shop, and enjoy Jingdong’s logistics and customer service. In November this year, Kwai Tong received an indirect payment license through the acquisition of the licensee payment system.

however, after the quick hand of the prospectus, Kwai Tsun’s industry is facing a “change of the sky”. Since November, car dumps have occurred on live broadcast of goods on major platforms, and problems such as data fraud by swiping orders, robot fan comments, and high return rate have been exposed.

in November 8th, a businessman broke the news that Yang Kun had been in the live broadcast of the tiktok on the same day, and had paid 120 thousand pit fees, which amounted to about 1 million 200 thousand yuan in the night. But within the next two days, the refund amount was as high as about 1100000 yuan, and the sales amount was only 40 thousand yuan. < / P > < p > during the double 11, Li Xueqin participated in a live activity in Jingdong. At the end of the day, of the 3.11 million viewers, less than 110000 really existed, and most of the comments were printed by machine. < / P > < p > according to a staff member of the same day’s live broadcast to, after Jingdong confirmed the live broadcast, it found the host, and then the host gave the maintenance of the live broadcast effect to a media company, and the media company outsourced the demand for live broadcast popularity and interaction to a single brushing agency.

also showed Ng Man Tat Kwai Shou’s first show live. According to the source, during the live broadcast on August 28, he paid 150000 yuan for pit space. Wu Mengda promised to sell at least 10000 rice orders, but only 9 rice orders were sold on that day. < / P > < p > at the same time, policies on live e-commerce are also being introduced intensively. On November 5, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the “guidance on strengthening the supervision of online live broadcast marketing activities”; on November 13, the state Internet Information Office solicited opinions on the “Regulations on the administration of internet live broadcast marketing information content services (Draft)”. < p > < p > on November 23, the State Administration of radio and television issued the notice on strengthening the management of online show live broadcasting and e-commerce live broadcasting, which states that the reward for live broadcasting must be authenticated by real name, minors cannot be rewarded, and the reward fund must be set up a “calm period” to delay the payment. < / P > < p > on October 25, Simba team’s anchor “Shida Meili” recommended a bird’s nest product to fans during the live broadcast, which was questioned by consumers as sugar water rather than bird’s nest. In the end, Simba’s team promised to recall all the products sold, and refund one for three. The compensation amount of 61.98 million yuan has caused heated discussion. The < / P > < p > event did not stop there. On December 9, Hangzhou Haining sent a police officer to arrest Jiang Zihua in connection with a gambling case involving as much as 1 billion yuan. Jiang Zihua is called “Kwai ho Hao”. He often brushes gifts between Simba and abbot, and is closely related to the two brothers. On December 21, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of Nansha said that it had set up a special team to investigate the company involved in Simba’s promotion of sugar water bird’s nest. The cause of the case involved “suspected violation of law and unfair competition”. < / P > < p > after the bird’s nest incident, Simba and his apprentice “Shida Meili” did not start a new live broadcast. Feigua data shows that Simba’s latest live broadcast with goods dates back to November 11, while Shida Meili’s latest live broadcast with goods was on November 8. Simba lost more than 100000 powder in the past month. < / P > < p > it is reported that the general Simba family anchor should have about four live shows with goods every month. According to the cbndata consumer station, the rest of the Simba family’s anchor stations have resumed broadcasting around the double 12. According to the data of flying melon,

did not appear again in the weekly TOP10 list of Kwai live broadcast from November 16th to December 6th.

December 8th, the first live broadcast of the Kwai Ba family’s egg opening bird’s nest event in December 8th, and ranked first in the December 7th TOP10 13 live quick delivery live goods list. In December 14th – December 20th, Kwai Ba did not show up, but the anchor Dandan and Ann nine had the top list, and the egg rank remained the first;

December 23rd, the Guangzhou Market Supervision Authority announced the investigation and handling of “Simba live food with instant food”. TOP10 Guangzhou Heyi e-commerce Co., Ltd., set up by webred with goods anchor “Xinba”, was fined 900000 yuan. < / P > < p > all the Simba family anchors were banned. Kwai kid and Xu Jie, Dali, Zhao Mengche, Angel, and so on, 27 days after the nine days, and so on, were asked to stop the account for 15 days.

hunting cloud network can be seen from the fast platform. Without the punishment, the @ egg will have a live broadcast in December 24th, bringing food products to food, cosmetics and electrical appliances; @ Chen Xiaoshuo originally had a live broadcast on Kwai 26. < / P > < p > before the bird’s nest incident, more than half of Internet executives didn’t know about Simba, according to people. Nowadays, Kwai Kwan’s “fast brother” label and Kwai anchor are also the hot topics of the Internet.

is in the fast hands, and occupies six big family forces, namely Simba, Sanda elder brother, two donkey, abbot, Zhang Ersao, and brand Kwai. Among them, Paiqi has been blocked by the whole network. Kwai Kwai saw from the fast platform that at present, Simba fans are 71 million 10 thousand, far more than the “free hand” brother brother, who has 53 million 354 thousand fans.

as of November 23rd, 14 of the 818 anchors of Simba’s family have been over 285 million of Kwai’s fans. Among them, the Simba family is increasingly showing a trend of being unique. In addition to Simba, the fans of several well-known apprentices in the family have reached tens of millions, and in the past, they have handed over data of over 100 million yuan for a single live broadcast. < / P > < p > according to cbndata consumer station, in contrast to the growing Simba family, in addition to the head core anchor, the fans of some members of the other five families grew slowly or even stagnated. Tongtong and Shuanger of Erlu family and Nanlong of Sanda family entered the negative growth stage of fans.

according to China Merchants Securities report, the GMV (total turnover) of Kwai’s live broadcast last year was 400-500 billion, and the sales of Simba and its family business live last year reached 13 billion 300 million, accounting for 1/5 of the platform. The GMV of the Kwai Chung electricity supplier in 2020 was 250 billion, and Simba set its target to 100 billion.

‘s family has been a fast track disease. The two sides have been playing a game. The Kwai is love and hate, and they try to suppress the brutal growth of family Kwai, and they are tolerant of it.

announced the third day after the withdrawal of the Internet. Simba once released a video Kwai tat, “quick, I hope you can brighten your eyes. I can mobilize all the domestic resources in most of the categories of Xin Youzhi. Please use my skills and resources.”

Simba has described his relationship with Kwai chin: I can help other platforms weaken.