The highly anticipated new product launch of apple in autumn 2020 will open at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on September 16. According to the current clues, Apple will release two apple watches, two iPads and airtags, a tracking device with U1 chip. The biggest suspense is whether Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series at this conference. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, this autumn conference will continue the way of wwdc20, which will be broadcast online in the form of recording and broadcasting. < / P > < p > ios14 will be launched tomorrow – earlier than the iPhone, ipados14 and watchos7 will also be launched tomorrow, with the words “safety and health shooting” still attached at the end of the live broadcast. This is the end of this conference. Thank you for staying up late. < / P > < p > front 7mp camera, supporting 1080p video call. The rear 12MP camera supports 4K video recording and enhanced anti shake. Besides, there will be LTE version and wi-fi6 support. Besides, there will be a lot of highlights of iPad upgrade without lidar sensor. The new iPad air, which starts at $599, goes on sale next month. In terms of environmental protection, recycled aluminum and tin solder are used on PCB. < / P > < p > Pixelmator photo uses ml to add a zoom / enhancement function to automatically enhance the zoomed part of the image. Usb-c universal interface for the future can be easily connected to digital cameras and other peripherals. < / P > < p > high performance cache, 6-core design (2 high, 4 low). 40% better performance than the previous iPad air. There are also new GPUs. There is no doubt that the performance of the iPad is amazing. But from the ecological point of view, what professional applications can really play its strength? The company’s new chip “millonic” was released by the vice president of the industry. < / P > < p > the new iPad air features a 10.9-inch liquid retina display with a resolution of 2360 x 1650. Full lamination process, truetone color matching, supplemented by anti reflection coating. < p > < p > cook returns to the redesigned iPad air. It looks like an 11 inch iPad pro with a wide selection of colors. Ted Merendino, Apple’s iPad product manager, introduces the 8th generation iPad. From the design point of view, it seems that little change, but the internal chip has been upgraded to a12bionic. CPU performance is increased by 40%, GPU performance is up to twice. Apple pencil pen is also supported. Apple said the new iPad is two times faster than the best-selling windows laptop, three times faster than the Android Tablet, and six times faster than the chrome book. < p > < p > cook makes a transition to introduce the new generation of iPad tablet. This year is the 10th year that iPad has gone through, with sales of more than 500 million units. Cook said 53% of their iPad customers are first-time buyers. Lori malm, Apple’s service director, introduced the appleone service, which costs $10 to make users’ boring bike or treadmill exercise look like peloton. The subscription fee for the < / P > < p > fitness + service is $9.99/month, or $79.99/year. It is suggested to open family account sharing. The app will not be available until the end of this year and will only be available in a few countries. Consumers who buy applewatch can enjoy the free service in March. < / P > < p > Apple’s ecosystem can play a big role here: it’s all done by synchronizing watches with IOS devices and drawing real-time graphics using icloud data. “Adding new weekly fitness classes” also offers many different music types to choose from. In addition to targeting novices, applewatch can also use a set of algorithms to present “smart exercise suggestions” that users can try. < / P > < p > while playing the exercise guidance video on the iPhone, the monitoring data on the applewatch can be synchronously displayed on the screen. After the exercise is completed, you can also see the summary analysis. “Adding new weekly fitness classes” is a better content production investment for apple than anything it does on TV. < / P > < p > users can get a video catalog on iPad, iPhone or AppleTV and send indicators in real time. Whether it’s yoga, riding, dancing, running, core strength training and meditation, applewatch can fully meet the needs of users’ Sports monitoring. < p > < p > Jay Blahnik, Apple’s fitness technology director, explains the experience of exercise monitoring. Apple launched fitness + service. Since the app is designed around applewatch, there will certainly be some integration of watch functions inside. Applewatch users like to view all kinds of data while exercising, so Apple has kindly provided this feature update. The integration of music can be said to be a direct attack on peloton, which has been locked in copyright by record companies. < / P > < p > the new applewatch will be available for order today and will be shipped from Friday. This approach is defined by Apple as an environmental choice, and it is a correct move. Now we are playing a tvc advertisement. Apple’s basic strategy for applewatch is to put an app store on the watch, but it doesn’t really enable any crazy killer app. All the innovation comes from Apple’s added hardware. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, talks about the company’s new progress in carbon neutrality. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of the environment, talks about carbon neutrality. According to her disclosure, Apple has reduced its carbon footprint by 35% and will achieve 100% carbon neutrality by 2030, including supply chain and products. Apple even recycled 100% of rare earths and tungsten from taptic engine, and cut off Apple watch’s USB power adapter. < / P > < p > applewatchse, a cheaper watch, uses a larger watch display. Equipped with accelerometers, heart rate monitoring, electronic compass, gyroscope, motion sensor, fall detection and other functions, the price is only $279. The GPS version of Apple watch series 6 starts at $399. < / P > < p > next, we introduce home settings where users can pair watches with their iPhones for people who don’t have applewatch. Applewatch can be used independently of the iPhone, but it must be managed by the iPhone of. Users can specify objects for their children and use their watches to send messages. They can also set location reminders for them. We’re still curious about the new tricks that people who live in isolation and maintain social isolation will play with these new features. < / P > < p > seven colors, various sizes, yarn woven / leather strap, and the new Nike co branded. The new watch will have a new strap: a single lap strap, no clasps, made of silicon. There is also the “Hermes” version loved by luxury lovers. Alan dye, vice president of human machine interface design at Apple, is responsible for introducing the design of the new watch dial. The function of memoji has also been extended to applewatch, which can put animated faces on the dial interface. < / P > < p > for apple, one of its advantages is that it has more wrist sensors than its competitors. The S6 system powers the applewatch and is equipped with a dual core processor based on a13boionic. The watch can also display altitude in real time. Alan dye, Apple’s vice president of human machine interface design, narrates in this video < / P > < p > the blood oxygen measurement prompt has appeared on the screen. The watch can still better interact with the app on the mobile phone. The blood oxygen monitor on the watch measures the color of the blood by shining red and IR light on the wearer’s wrist and measuring the reflection, and then measures the oxygen content in 15 seconds. < p > < p > sumble Ahmad Desai, MD, vice president of health at Apple, talks about the importance of this feature. The new applewatch uses red and infrared light, and then uses its algorithm to read the color of your blood to display oxygen levels. It takes 15 seconds to read, and it can also be done in the background, such as when you’re sleeping. This function can even be used to detect the symptoms of covid-19. < / P > < p > as soon as the camera turns, the stage is fast forward to Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. One of the functions of watchos7 is to provide the predicted value of VO2max. If it falls to a lower level, the wearer will also receive a reminder. The video shows more sensors on the back of the new Apple watch. VO2max is a data that can be predicted by watchos7, and users will be informed if the value drops to a lower level later this year. < / P > < p > a life-saving story – applewatch can alert people with high heart rates because it can be a precursor to cardiac arrest. At the same time, medical service providers and insurance companies are also deeply considering the positive significance of applewatch. Mount Sinai is also using applewatch to study the impact of covid-19 on front-line medical staff and even detect early signs. Cook outlined the functions of applewatch, including home control, streaming music, heart monitoring, fall detection, etc. Cook tells the story of how applewatch has improved the lives of his clients through real cases. The video shows some users’ personal opinions about how Apple’s health products can bring hope to them when they are in trouble. One of the users said that he began to monitor his exercise data with his watch after his physical examination was bad, and his physical condition improved after a period of use. This year, Tim Cook is not on the stage, but in front of the French windows of Apple headquarters. Then into Apple Park, and finally Tim Cook comes over, not on stage, but in the hallway of Apple park. < / P > < p > although all kinds of information at present indicate that Apple will not announce the iPhone 12 series at this conference, this possibility is not ruled out. On Apple’s official YouTube channel, after the online “time flies” warm-up video, apple successively removed the promotion videos of iPhone 11 / 11 pro and apple watch series 5. From this point of view, it is reasonable to believe that the iPhone 12 will appear on the same stage as the apple watch 6. < / P > < p > in addition, well-known US electronics retailers target, Deutsche Telekom and Canadian baseus have launched iPhone 12 related activities, indicating that the iPhone 12 may appear at this conference. But anyway, Apple’s new flagship is worth looking forward to. < / P > < p > in terms of health, in series 4, Apple has introduced ECG ECG and fall detection; in series 5, Apple has introduced global emergency call; and in the coming Apple watch pro (Series 6), it will introduce blood oxygen detection function. < / P > < p > blood oxygen, a health indicator, is mainly used to measure the oxygen content in red blood cells. Normal and healthy pulse oximeter values are usually between 90% and 100%, and lower than 90% are considered to be low, which should be evaluated by medical professionals. < / P > < p > codes related to blood oxygen function have appeared in the code of IOS 14, and it also supports the same “blood oxygen notification” function as the heart rate notification. For example, when the apple watch detects that the wearer’s oxygen saturation is lower than a certain threshold, it will send out a notification prompt in time. < / P > < p > in terms of color, apple is expected to bring new colors to the new watch, adding Navy colors. And watch strap