In the domestic pure electric vehicle market, although there are models like Tesla Model 3, its starting price of 270000 yuan makes many consumers feel that it is like a luxury electric vehicle.

a few days ago, the first car in the r-standard series of Roewe family, er6, was officially launched. There were three types of new cars with the official price of RMB 162800, 175800 and 200800 respectively after subsidy.

the new car is positioned as a compact a + class car, but its body length is longer than that of the medium-sized Tesla Model 3. In terms of endurance, the NEDC of the new car has a range of 620km, which is one of the longest models of the same level in China.

in addition, in terms of after-sales quality assurance and preferential car purchase, the government has given preferential policies such as lifelong three electricity warranty and lifelong free basic maintenance. At the same time, this paper gives the super long 5-year zero interest rate financial program, up to 10000 yuan of additional purchase subsidy and other financial incentives.

back to the new car, as the first r-standard car, er6 uses a brand-new appearance, with an “X” sci-fi front face and an active air intake system underneath, which better integrates the appearance and modeling advantages of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles.

due to the existence of the kinetic energy recovery device of electric vehicles, the braking system of electric vehicles does not have much heat dissipation demand, so the wheel hub modeling area of the vehicle is larger and the wind resistance is lower. The car uses five petal type low drag wheel hub, which is conducive to improve the vehicle’s endurance performance.

entering the car, the car is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 14.3-inch embedded central control screen, which makes the car feel extremely scientific and technological.

in addition, SkyEye system is used in the car. The driver only needs to “brush his face” and lightly step on the brake to start the vehicle, which is very convenient and technological.

the new car is positioned as a + class pure electric car. Its length, width and height are 4724 / 1835 / 1493 mm, and the wheelbase is 2715 mm. The body length is much longer than the domestic model 3.

in the power part, the new car is equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 135kW, which is equivalent to the level of 1.8T of fuel vehicle. In terms of endurance, the NEDC range of the vehicle can reach 620km, which has a considerable competitive advantage compared with the same type of vehicles.

in terms of charging, new cars also support fast charging. Under the fast charging pile, the vehicle charging for 15 minutes can bring 200 km of driving range, which is more convenient for charging.